It’s Now or Never for the Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers started this season 3-1 and looked to be on their way to yet another great season for the fourth year in a row under head coach Matt LaFleur. Now all of a sudden, the Packers have dropped two straight to the New York Giants and Jets. It is full panic mode for Packers fans and the team should be feeling that way too. LaFleur has never been in this position and he has never lost back-to-back regular season games. Now upcoming the Packers have three straight road games against the Washington Commanders, Buffalo Bills, and Detroit Lions.

The Packers cannot afford to come out of these games 1-2. That will put them at 4-5 and is a bad position to be in for a team with super bowl aspirations although those chances are slim right now with the way this team is playing. As of right now though, the Packers are not the only mediocre team around the NFC as the Los Angeles Rams, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and San Francisco 49ers are all 3-3 as well.

That should not stop the Packers from picking up the urgency because if they do not and get these issues fixed the season is over and it will be very disappointing. While Packers fans are losing hope and losing it fast the Packers are in the thick of it. Sure, the Minnesota Vikings are sitting at the top of the division 5-1 but there are still 11 games to go and a lot can happen. The Packers have no more time though to sit there and say they need to improve in such areas and not showing improvement at all from week to week in fact it seems they are getting worse.

We have been hearing about the issues that need to be fixed for 6 weeks and they are out of time. The issues need to be fixed now as there are not any more games to collapse or get dominated in. The issues that need to be fixed are too many to list out and explain but just know there are a lot. The good thing is though that these issues are fixable.

Some issues are running back Aaron Jones is not getting enough touches, offensive lineman Royce Newman is still starting and getting dominated, and the whole team cannot play a full game.

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers thinks the key to solving the issues is to simplify things, but no one really knows what he means by that. The most important thing though is that this team is not winning any games nor getting better and from the eyes of people outside the building this team is not aggressive enough with play calling on both sides of the ball and are soft. There is no more time, it is now or never for the Packers, or their season is over.
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