It’s Just Preseason Guys Calm Down

After a 7-17 loss to the 49ers at US Bank Stadium, many reactionary Vikings fans quickly complained about holes in the team. Some were valid, others were a bit of a stretch and that’s to be expected with preseason jitters and a rookie head coach. However, it’s all an overreaction for now, everything’s (assumably) gonna be fine.

The first issue many are pointing towards is the secondary, and, yeah that’s pretty fair. It’s a well regarded weakness at this point and it’s safe to assume that there’s plenty of room to grow. The starting secondary currently consists of 2 rookies and a corner who was in Zimmer’s doghouse last season for some unknown reason. Here’s to hoping the vets rub off their positioning wisdom.

Another concern was the interior offensive line, namely at center, which is also valid. Bradbury is still struggling to get a foothold on the starting job and finding a starting center at this point is tricky. Many may be thinking about JC Tretter right now, but it seems that Minnesota isn’t interested, for now at least. Until then, expect the starting center role to be a deadline decision unless Bradbury can prove otherwise. The rest of the line is looking tolerable through, and Ed Ingram is living in the starting right guard role at the moment. Expect him to be the choice at that position.

Finally, the quarterback issue. Kellen Mond’s development is slower than the expectations of Vikings fans, and to me that’s just plain stupid. It’s his second year, he’s swapping schemes and systems, and the previous coaching staff neglected him like an unwanted child. It’s going to be a process, not everyone is Patrick Mahomes in year 2. Sean Mannion is genuinely unplayable though, he looks like an insurance salesman for God’s sake. The recent Nick Mullens trade should quell everyone’s fears for now, as he’s a solid backup system QB. He’s a decent game manager for what he’s worth, and it takes the pressure off of Kellen’s shoulders, or it could even motivate him if we’re being optimistic.

Don’t worry Vikings fans, preseason isn’t much of an indication of the team as whole. Most of the time it’s 4th stringers and players fighting for roster spots, not a telling of the starters as a whole. It’s a place for experimentation and proving value, not accessing the forecast of the season. Truth is we have no idea what’s in store, but at least be optimistic and for the love of God stop trashing Kellen Mond cause he literally did nothing wrong.
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