Is Roquan Smith Worthy of a Historic Extension?

Coming back to the field after demanding a trade from the Chicago Bears, linebacker Roquan Smith continues to dominate on defense in hopes of earning a new contract extension. Although the Bears and Smith had been discussing a new contract, they remain distant as Smith wants a near-historic contract. With how Smith is playing and trending, the Bears still have to figure out whether or not Smith is worthy of a record-setting contract.

Through three games: Smith has recorded 36 total tackles, 2 TFL, and an interception. His best game came from week three against the Houston Texans, where he credited 16 total tackles, 2 TFL, and an interception; the interception being in the late fourth to win the game for the Bears. Roquan has been playing like his usual self: a man possessed. But does his play still warrant him the contract he desires? When discussing contractual agreements, Smith did it without an agent. When athletes do this, they often make demands that are way above their value. Smith knows he is a franchise cornerstone for the Bears and will use that to earn more money.

Should the Bears bite on the bait? Should they bet on themselves? Roquan is a very talented player. Releasing him or trading him would hurt their defense drastically. However, from what reports indicate, Roquan is asking for money that is way out of the asking price for the Bears, despite giving the star linebacker record-breaking clauses. Taking the deal could prove both beneficial and detrimental. On the one hand, the franchise will retain one of the best linebackers in the league. On the other hand, Smith could eat up money being used to improve different positions on the team.

Now, it is too early to tell whether or not Roquan deserves the deal he demands. But as the season goes on, the Bears’ front office will have to pay special attention to Roquan and whether or not he can either help bring this team to a super bowl. Because at the end of the day, whatever the front office does will be for the future of this team, not just for Roquan Smith.
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