Is Jared Goff Proving to be the Lions new franchise Quarterback?

After a lackluster Week one performance Lions fans thought they were looking at the same quarterback they watched make plays last year. Jared Goff looked pretty impressive in his first game and still he made a lot of mistakes and a lot of throws that he’s not going to be able to keep throwing consistently. But now after week two, Lions fans seem to have some hope that Brad Holmes may have found the franchise signal-caller. In week 2 against the Commanders Jared Goff put on a clinic.

The veteran quarterback ended up throwing for over 240 yards with 4 touchdowns, that is an impressive stat line to say the least. But looking deeper into the statistics just through these first two games Jared Goff has already thrown for 470 yds, 6 touchdowns, and only one interception. That’s not even the best part.

In addition to this impressive statline, Goff has a 100 qbr through the first two weeks which has been phenomenal for Goff. Now the big question is can Goff keep this consistency up, and if he can will it be enough to win the coaching staff’s Trust to keep him as a franchise QB for years to come. In week 2 Goff was cooking early he looked poised to say the least. He looked like an above average Quarterback and controlled the pocket well. Goff found the receivers he needed to find and gave the team a huge lead due to how explosive the weapons he has around them are.

I also want to point out that he is going to be a dangerous quarterback as long as these offensive weapons can stay this explosive. With Jameson Williams joining this offense at some point this season, Brad Holmes has added another weapon for Goff to utilize. If Goff can stay consistent, they skys the limit for the savvy veteran quarterback.
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