How the Lions’ QB2 Decision Impacts the Future of the Franchise

It’s no secret that the Detroit Lions have a high level of uncertainty amongst the fan base given the circumstance of the QB room. Does Goff stay for another year? Is he the Quarterback of the future? Is he going to train a potential rookie first round pick for a season or two?

But, if we focus on more current matters, if starting quarterback Jared Goff gets injured, The Lions QB2 performance is so poor, they might not win a game. But: Is that a bad thing? or better yet, could it be calculated?

Brad Holmes has been the leader of the charge in the rebuild process since taking over the general manager duties in 2021. He has been regarded as a success based on draft selections Penei Sewell, Aidan Hutchinson, Jameson Williams, and free agent signings like Alex Anzalone and Jamaal Williams. He is one of the only people who truly knows what the future holds for the Lions personnel.

If Goff goes down, the Lions’ win capacity is severely lowered from that point. He stays healthy, and plays well, we could see the Lions reaching as high as a wildcard spot; or perhaps if they’re lucky, the (less likely) division crown.

With this current QB room’s 2022 preseason performance, everyone in the front office should know that this quarterback room is not good by NFL standards. It stands as reasonable to believe they just want Goff to show them why they shouldn’t take someone like Quarterback Bryce Young out of Alabama in the 2022 NFL Draft. If Goff plays remarkably well, both in the film room, and on the stat boards, to no surprise, he’s likely considered the Quarterback of the Lion’s future. If not, the Lions have themselves staring at a top 10 pick anyways, so welcome the next starter, as well as over 10 million dollars in cap space that the Lions could save by cutting Goff.

But, if the Lions truly believe that Goff isn’t the factor that makes them a contender, why are there no moves to upgrade at QB2 yet? Is it because they believe in Blough and Boyle? or is it because if Goff goes down they want to ensure that they don’t do well? Blough and Boyle have both started for the Lions, and both have shown they could not be starting Quarterbacks in the NFL. So, why not make a move for a Mason Rudolph, or a more seasoned veteran, Jimmy Garappolo? The answer is simple; they do not want to win if Goff goes down.

If all of these things are being considered by the football minds that have climbed their way up the NFL success ladder by their own success, it makes them about 20 steps ahead of all of us mentally on what should be done for the future of their own career, as well as betterment of their franchise. Holmes wants to make sure that if Goff plays poorly or gets hurt, he has the correct steps in place to get Detroit the number 1 selection in the draft, or at a minimum, trade up to it using the Rams 2022 Draft Pick obtained via the Stafford Trade. Those pieces involve keeping the QB2 option at a level that could be considered disappointing among fans.

If Jared Goff stays healthy, we see his full potential, and he gets the Lions to the playoffs, he’s the Lions QB of the future. If he flounders or gets hurt, the Lions have a backup who will give Detroit insurance that they will win absolutely nothing, landing them a high selection in the draft. If no backup quarterback is traded for or replaced, he knows he doesn’t want Goff back if he’s hurt or plays poorly, and would prefer young, potentially superstar talent. Maybe there’s a method to this madness
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