How The Chicago Bears Fare in Madden 23

The newest installment of team and player ratings are here for EA’s Madden series… and they’re bad. While these ratings are generally pretty inaccurate, it’s always fun to take a look at how valued certain players are in Madden’s eyes. Let’s see how some Bears are over, under, or perfectly rated by Madden.

#1: Roquan Smith, 89 Overall

Roquan Smith has been criminally underrated by the NFL since his arrival in the league. While steadily improving his game year by year, and putting up numbers reminiscent of Hall of Famers Ray Lewis and Brian Urlacher, Smith has not been treated fairly by the national media. A notable non Pro Bowler, Smith is snubbed for the likes of Bobby Wagner and Fred Warner; and wouldn’t it be known, Madden gives both Wagner and Warner a 91 Overall rating. This is despite Smith in 2021 making more tackles, sacks, TFL’s, and pressures than either backer. While both Warner and Wagner are deserving of their place, it is time Smith is shown the respect he’s earned as a top 5 linebacker in football.

Verdict: Underrated

Deserving Overall: 91+

#2: Darnell Mooney, 79 Overall

I get it. The Bears bottom tier offense has to have weak weapons, thus low overall ratings. However, Darnell Mooney’s rating is absolutely criminal. While the argument can be made that Mooney has not established himself as a true WR1, the 79 rating is criminal when put into perspective. Mooney as a #2 WR in 2021 had his first 1000 yard season, and hauled in 5 touchdowns on 81 receptions. Tim Patrick, the Broncos #3 WR was given an 80 overall rating after a season of 734 yards and 5 touchdowns. While Mooney has much left to prove, he deserves recognition as a true threat to the league, not a C tier weapon.

Verdict: Underrated

Deserving Overall: 83+

#3: Eddie Jackson, 83 Overall

Eddie Jackson set the world on fire in 2018, as he built off his promising rookie campaign with an All Pro team selection and a Pro Bowl nomination. He followed that up with another Pro Bowl nod, and even inked a huge extension. However, he hasn’t truly progressed past that point. While Jackson is still a true ball hawk, he has yet to cement himself as a top safety. His issues with tackling and coverage have become a real problem for the secondary, and he needs to find a way to improve. His best season came paired alongside star safety Adrian Amos. The Bears did Jackson no favors by replacing that production with Ha-Ha Clinton Dix and Tashaun Gipson, unfortunately. Perhaps another young Penn State safety is what Jackson needs to push him over the hump? Regardless, he is rated just fine by Madden until he can prove he still has the production value he’s shown in the past.

Verdict: Properly Rated

#4: Robert Quinn, 83 Overall

Quinn is coming off an obscene 18.5 sack season that found him breaking into the Chicago Bears record books. While that amount of rushing production should catapult him into the 90’s, Madden chooses to give him an 83. Why would that be? A point that can be made is that Quinn is 32 and will start the year at 33. While he is still putting up impressive sack numbers, he is susceptible to a regression, both physically and statistically. Another point that can be made is that his production in other facets of the game are lacking. With the exception of his sacks, he had some subpar stats with some costly penalties all throughout last year. The way I’m talking makes it seem like I hate the guy. I love Puerto Rican Bobby as much as the next Bears fan, however Madden’s rating isn’t as egregious as initially thought. If he can prove last season’s sack numbers we’re not a fluke, perhaps Quinn will prove all doubters wrong.

Verdict: Properly Rated

The Chicago Bears, 78 Overall

What kind of article would this be if there was no mention of the team itself? The Chicago Bears are given a 78 overall in this year’s game. The Bears complete overhaul of the front office, coaching staff, and roster bring many unanswered questions that we can’t properly evaluate until the season begins. While the future of the team past 2022 is bright, the same cannot be said about this year. A first year coaching staff with a group of young, hungry guys (many of which on 1 year prove it deals) does not scream success, and that’s okay. This year is not supposed to be the year we contend, it’s a year of development and progress. That being said, the lack of talent and established production makes the 78 overall rating a little too high.

Verdict: Overrated

Deserving Overall: 76

While many of Madden’s rankings are alright, the vast majority are terrible (I’m looking at you, 65 Overall Larry Borom). We all know Madden isn’t the end all be all of a players skill level. It still sucks to see so many promising players be stuck with such minimal recognition. Let’s end this article with some predictions on who could end up being the highest risers in this year’s game.

WR Velus Jones Jr., 69 Overall

EDGE Dominique Robinson, 65 Overall

CB Thomas Graham Jr., 68 Overall

MLB Nicholas Morrow, 71 Overall

QB Justin Fields, 74 Overall

Let’s hope Madden’s grim outlook on the individual talent isn’t a sign of things to come.