How Justin Fields Will Be Like Other Top NFL QBs in 2023

Justin Fields’s 2022 campaign as the Bears starting quarterback has been impressive, but hasn’t led the Bears to the playoffs. RIght now, the Bears hold the 3rd pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, and that draft position could tremendously helps Fields develop weapons for the following years. But even without top tier weapons right now, Fields has been able to show that he is an athletic starting quarterback in the National Football League. Let’s dive into what will make him among the NFL’s best in 2023.

It’s no doubt that Justin Fields’s athletic ability is matched by few in the NFL. Fields has stated his case for being a mobile quarterback as he tallied up 905 yards so far this season, ranking 8th among all players. It seems that week in and week out, Fields is exposing a defense and speeding past defenders as he runs for long 50-yard + touchdowns often. Fields is fast, in case you haven’t noticed.

The other part of Fields’s physical attributes are expressed in his deep-throwing abilities. Statistically, Fields is one of the best long-ball throwers in the NFL, and he has proven to do so. We’ve seen more running plays from Fields than we have long-ball throwing plays this year, but we hope to see Luke Getsy balance the two next year.

Aside from being a fully-complete athlete, QB1 has established himself as a true leader in the locker room, and off the field, too. Fields was elected as a captain before the season started, and he has truly lived up to that role. Justin understands that on top of being a star-studded athlete, leadership and the ability to control a locker room will help motivate the team and guide them in the right direction. Even though his team has had some pretty disappointing performances and shortcomings this season, Fields has kept his composure and insisted on working to get better, rather than blaming his teammates or defense. He truly understands that in order for football games to be won, all 3 phases of the game have to be won.

There is no doubt that Justin Fields is as tough as nails, being able to get back up from scary hits and collisions. Fields doesn’t like to blame his offensive line or receivers for not getting open in enough time, alluding to his moral character. But after taking hit after hit and scary collisions, whether that be due to his offensive line collapsing to defensive pressure, his weapons not getting open enough, Fields holding onto the ball tool long or a combination of all 3, Fields has gotten back up, aside from a needed injury rest week, and continued to play at a high level.

Why Fields Will Be Among the NFL’s Best For A While
When many analysts look at quarterbacks that many other teams wish they had on their teams, popular names include Josh Allen, Jalen Hurts, Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, and maybe even Packer-rival Aaron Rodgers. Fields has a high showing of each of the top qualities of each of these quarterbacks. Fields is athletic, smart and a truly tough leader.Fields has a big arm like Allen and also started his career slowly before making more noise in recent years. Fields is like Lamar in his running abilities and piling up appealing statistics. Fields is like Aaron Rodgers in his knowledge of a playbook and being able to execute, even with limited weapons. The point is, Justin Fields has such a bright future ahead, and it’s all up to his coaches, management, his teammates and himself, of course, to be able to put the product on the field that Bears fans have been hoping for for a long time.
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