Green Bay Packers: Week 4 Boom or Bust Players

Week 3 boom: Kenny Clark – HIT
Week 3 bust: Elgton Jenkins – MISS

Coming off of a big win against an NFC foe in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Green Bay Packers still seem to have more questions than answers. Thus, boom and bust candidates continue to be difficult for this team, whose floor and ceiling are yet to be discovered. This week’s selections could just be a shot in the dark, but the circumstances could allow them to be true.

Boom: Eric Stokes
Eric Stokes’ sophomore breakout campaign is yet to take off, but it could this week against the New England Patriots. Whether or not Mac Jones plays on Sunday, Stokes will have plenty of opportunities in the passing game. Jones’ five interceptions through three games ties for the most in the league, meaning Stokes should have chances to create turnovers. The Patriots’ backup quarterback, Brian Hoyer, has totalled 35 interceptions in just 39 career starts, so either way, Stokes and the rest of the secondary should be able to make plays. Stokes may see a larger role with Jaire Alexander recovering from a groin injury. Alexander will likely play, but his health could encourage the Packers to give him some help and leave Stokes on an island. Fortunately for Stokes, he is opposing a wide receiving core that has depth, but no high end talent. Against below average quarterback and wide receiver play, Stokes should be outstanding.

Bust: Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers having a bad game by NFL starting quarterback standards is always unlikely, but a bad game by his own standards is possible. The Packers’ offense is yet to catch a rhythm, averaging only 16 points per game, ranking sixth worst in the league. It has been evident through three weeks that the Packers host a run-first offense, which limits Rodgers’ potential as a passer. If Hoyer does play for the Patriots, the Packers could blow them out quickly, forcing Rodgers to hand the ball off more frequently than he already does. Unfortunately for Rodgers, his success depends on many of the factors around him, especially the performance of his young and inexperienced receiving core. The expectation is that Rodgers will play above average, but can he live up to his own caliber of play?
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