Green Bay Packers Season Predictions

The Green Bay Packers are a mystery this year. When we all think of the Packers, we think of them as an offensive powerhouse with a mediocre defense. This year is the opposite as the Packers are going to have a dominant defense with a work in progress offense after the loss of Davante Adams. Looking at the Packers schedule there are a few tough games but overall does not seem too tough. So, without further ado, here are the season predictions for the Packers halfway through training camp.

Week 1: Packers (0-0) @ Vikings (0-0)
Week one the Packers waltz into Minneapolis to take on the Minnesota Vikings. Coming into this one, both teams have question marks as the Packers have questions about their receiving core and the Vikings have a brand-new head coach in Kevin O’Connell. The Packers should be able to overcome the struggles of young receiver play with strong defensive play to take the victory against the Vikings who may struggle to start the season while Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins and coach Kevin O’Connell work to get on the same page after their first game together.

Week 2: Bears (0-1) @ Packers (1-0) (SNF)
Sunday Night Football. The Chicago Bears come into Lambeau Field to take on the Packers. We all know how this one most likely will go as the Bears are basically a dumpster fire. They have a couple of intriguing pieces in running back David Montgomery and receiver Darnell Mooney with a very good young quarterback in Justin Fields. After that though they have no one in terms of receivers and good offensive lineman. Oh, add in the fact middle linebacker Roquan Smith wants out. Fields is nowhere near the level Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is in elevating others play around him. Packers take this one easily.

Week 3: Packers (2-0) @ Buccaneers (1-1)
The Packers travel to Tampa Bay to take on Tom Brady and the Buccaneers. The Bucs are coming off a loss to the New Orleans Saints as Brady has struggled against them since going to Tampa Bay. The Packers have been able to overcome the inexperience of young playmakers so far, but this is where the inexperience catches up to them against this veteran team the Bucs have. In no means will it be a blow out, as the Packers defense will keep them in the game, but we all know Rodgers does not play well in the state of Florida so add that on to the inexperience of young playmakers and it will lead to a tough day down in Tampa.

Week 4: Patriots (2-1) @ Packers (2-1)
The New England Patriots come to Lambeau Field. The Pats made the playoffs a year ago, but they limped to the finish line and ended up getting smothered in the wild card round. Quarterback Mac Jones is also dealing with uncertainty at offensive coordinator along with no elite offensive help. The Packers defense will feast once again on a mediocre offense and continue to give the Packers offense more time to find their identity and allow the younger players to adjust to NFL gameplay. The Packers are clearly the better team in this one in almost every facet of the game and should win this one easily.

Week 5: Giants (1-3) @ Packers (3-1) (London)
The Packers travel to London to play a ‚Äúhome‚ÄĚ game against the New York Giants. This game is the first international game the Packers will ever play, and they should take the win in this one with their dominant defense and the offense starting to gain some confidence in themselves. The Giants, much like the Bears, are a dumpster fire as quarterback Daniel Jones is not very good, and a team can only go as far as their quarterback does. Unless new Giants head coach Brian Daboll can get something out of his quarterback, then the Giants are in for a rough season and most likely looking at a new quarterback in the 2023 season.

Week 6: Jets (0-5) @ Packers (4-1)
As the Packers come home from London, they invite the New York Jets to town. The Jets are improving but they’re also not in a favorable conference for a young team that may be looking to make that jump out of a rebuild or in the final stages of a rebuild. Plus, who knows if quarterback Zach Wilson will be back for this game but even if he is it will not matter as the Packers defense continues to prove they are one of if not the best unit in the NFL as the Packers offense continues to get better and beat up on below average teams. Packers win cunningly once again.

Week 7: Packers (5-1) @ (2-4) Commanders
The Packers are off to another strong start for the fourth year in a row as they travel to Washington to face the Commanders. The Commanders made the playoffs two years ago but that was also when the NFC East was a dumpster fire. The Commanders made a trade for quarterback Carson Wentz, but he is an average quarterback and will win you some and lose you some games. In this case he will lose them the game as the Packers will continue to dominate their opponents and the offense finally starting to make their mark. There may even be some whispers about Rodgers winning his third straight MVP.

Week 8: Packers (6-1) @ Bills (6-0) (SNF)
This may be the most electric game of the year. The Packers are going to Buffalo to face the Bills on Sunday Night Football. Rodgers vs. Josh Allen. It does not get better than this. Could even be a potential Super Bowl matchup. For the time being, this game will feature two of the best defenses the league has. So, they cancel each other out. The quarterbacks will cancel each other out. Now the skill players are going to be the difference and the Bills clearly have the better playmakers. This may turn out to be the game of the year but in the end the Packers suffer their second loss of the season to one of if not the best all-around team in the national football league.

Week 9: Packers (6-2) @ Lions (2-5)
The Packers travel to Detroit to take on the Lions. The Lions may have finally gotten their coaching search right with the hiring of Dan Campbell and are rebuilding things the right way for once but they’re not there yet as they are most likely a couple of years away yet. They will continue to be one of the little brothers in the NFC North as long as Rodgers is the quarterback for the Packers. The Packers should go in and take care of business easily against the Lions after losing a tough one to the Bills.

Week 10: Cowboys (5-3) @ Packers (7-2)
The Mike McCarthy revenge game. The first time Cowboys head coach McCarthy has returned to Lambeau Field since being fired as Packers head coach. This one will be a good one with all the storylines but at the same time the Packers should take care of business as the Cowboys have gotten worse after trading away receiver Amari Cooper because after receiver CeeDee Lamb who does quarterback Dak Prescott have to throw the ball to? Packer continues to roll to a very good record once again and are looking like legit contenders.

Week 11: Titans (3-6) @ Packers (8-2) (TNF)
The Packers are playing on a short week as they welcome the Tennessee Titans to Lambeau for Thursday Night Football. The Titans are an interesting team as they have made the playoffs the last couple of years but have not done much in them. Mike Vrabel is a very good coach but after trading away one of the best receivers in the league in AJ Brown the Titans should have a rough year as teams should stack the box against Derrick Henry making it tough. The Packers defense should feast against quarterback Ryan Tannehill and Rodgers and the offense continues to get better. The Packers should add another win to the win column as the head into a mini bye.

Week 12: Packers (9-2) @ Eagles (7-3) (SNF)
Coming off a mini bye the Packers head to Philadelphia to face the Eagles. The Eagles made the playoffs last year. This past offseason they added some extreme talent in AJ Brown and Jordan Davis. The Eagles are going to be a tough team to beat. When you have Rodgers though, you always have a chance to win, and he should be the difference as the stingy Packers defense is going to make it tough on quarterback Jalen Hurts and Rodgers does enough to steal a win on Sunday Night Football in Philadelphia. Coming out of this game Packers receiver Romeo Doubs is starting to look like the real deal and may even be making a push for Offensive Rookie of the Year.

Week 13: Packers (10-2) @ Bears (1-11)
The Packers head across the border to play the Chicago Bears. The Bears are having a rough season as their offensive line cannot give Fields enough time or get any movement in the run game on top of receivers not being able to produce. The defense is not as good as it once was as everyone is aging as well as playing in a new scheme. Rodgers and company go into Soldier Field to remind Bears fans that he owns them as the Packers head into the bye feeling good where they are at.

Week 14: BYE
Week 15: Rams (11-2) @ Packers (11-2) (MNF)
Coming out of the bye the Packers welcome in an old friend in Matthew Stafford and the defending super bowl champs in the Los Angeles Rams to Lambeau Field for Monday Night Football for a game with a ton of playoff implications. Matthew Stafford has been ok against the Packers in his career but not very successful against Rodgers in terms of wins. That changes as the Rams come into Lambeau to beat the Packers out of the bye as the Rams defense will shut down the Packers offense. The Packers drop an important one for their position in the playoff race as they prepare to head to Miami to face the Dolphins on Christmas Day.

Week 16: Packers (11-3) @ Dolphins (6-8) (Christmas)
The Packers head down to Miami to face the Dolphins on Christmas Day. The Dolphins added Tyreek Hill and hired new head coach Mike McDaniel. Hoping for a big season was a reasonable expectation but when the AFC is as loaded as it is, it is hard to have success. The Dolphins may still be a year or two away from possibly being a contender but first they need to go all in on quarterback Tua Tagovailoa or find someone new. Rodgers and the Packers should have no problem going into Miami and taking care of business against a team that has struggled to be consistent.

Week 17: Vikings (8-7) @ Packers (12-3)
The Vikings come into Lambeau Field for a huge game for their playoff implications against the Packers. The Vikings have had an ok year under their first-year head coach O’Connell as they have growing pains at times, but that is normal for teams with new head coaches. The Vikings making a push to make the playoffs come into Lambeau and upset the Packers. The Vikings offense is finding their groove and their defense that is mixed with young players and veterans slowly improved over the years as the Packers drop a head scratcher a couple of weeks before the playoffs.

Week 18: Lions (8-8) @ Packers (12-4)
The Lions come to Lambeau Field trying to rain on the Packers parade and absolutely crush the Packers confidence going into the playoffs as if the Packers lose, they will have dropped three of their last four games. The Lions are having a good year for them as they are showing progress in their rebuild showing they are getting better. The Packers though just have too much to play for and take care of the Lions finishing the year 13-4 while having a top ranked defense. Also having players be considered for awards as Rodgers caps off another MVP level season going for his third MVP in a row while Packers defensive stars Jaire Alexander and Rashan Gary are being considered for Defensive Player of the Year and the unsung hero of the offense Doubs up for Offensive Rookie of the Year.

Super Wild Card Weekend: (6) Saints (11-6) @ (3) Packers (13-4)
The Saints come to Lambeau Field for Super Wild Card Weekend. Here is a show down of two of the best defenses in the league. Quarterback Jameis Winston had his best season as a pro but his first taste of playoff football as the starter will not be very friendly as the Packer defense will dominate the Saints offense and Rodgers will do his thing by doing enough against a very stingy Saints defense to win on Super Wild Card weekend against what was one of the dark horses to make a playoff run and send the Saints home packing.

Divisional Round: (3) Packers (14-4) @ (2) Buccaneers (14-4)
A rematch of the 2020-2021 NFC Championship game. Rodgers and the Packers head into Tampa Bay to face Brady and the Bucs for the second time this season. Rodgers and the Packers have had a tough time playing in Tampa Bay. The difference this time though is the Packers have a defense that can travel as well as a good run game. This should be a very good defensive game as the Packers defense does more than enough to help the Packers win as they shut down Brady and the Bucs and Rodgers continues to silence the haters with how the Packers offense is playing.

NFC Championship: (3) Packers (15-4) @ (1) Rams (14-4)
The Packers head to Los Angeles to try to avenge a regular season loss to Matthew Stafford and the Rams with a trip to a Super Bowl on the line. Rodgers and the Packers have struggled to get past the NFC Championship ever since 2010. Will the Packers be able to do it this time around? Now that the Packer have the winning formula of a defense and good run game, they should do just that. The Packers defense may just be the perfect match to stop the high-flying Rams offense. As the Packers shut down the Rams offense and the Packers offense puts up enough points the Packers are heading back to the Super Bowl for the first time since the 2010-2011 season when they won Super Bowl 45.

Super Bowl: (3) Packers (16-4) vs. (1) Bills (18-1)
The moment Rodgers has been trying to get to. Playing in that second Super Bowl. This postseason for the Packers has been nothing but avenging their losses as they have had to go through the Buccaneers and the Rams. Now they’ll have to go through Allen and the Bills to win it off. We all know it is hard to win against the same team twice. That should hold true hear as the Packers have the best defense in the league and will be able to slow down Allen and the Bills offense enough for Rodgers to put enough points against that tough Buffalo defense and win his second Super Bowl and Super Bowl MVP.

All in all, the Packers have a very favorable schedule. The Packers ceiling this year could be as high as 15-2 and Super Bowl Champs. Their floor is 11-6 and losing on Super Wild Card Weekend. A reasonable prediction is 13-4 and Super Bowl Champions. Personal Accolade wise, it would not be surprising for Rodgers to win back-to-back-to-back MVPs if this offense and team perform well after the loss of Adams. Everyone is doubting Rodgers and this team. It would also not be surprising if Gary or Alexander win Defensive Player of the Year. This may be a little bold but halfway through camp and Doubs making all these ‚Äúwow‚ÄĚ plays he could very well have a chance at Offensive Rookie of the Year. To close this out this Packers team is just way too talented to miss the playoffs and for people to say they‚Äôre going to regress. Just keep in mind this is the best defense Rodgers has ever had and if you want to bring up the people at wide receiver. Rodgers forced overtime and almost won a playoff game with Jeff Janis and Jared Abbrederis as his top two targets.
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