Grading the Packers Active Offense by Position

With the offseason here, we all know the roster this year most likely won’t resemble the roster of next year. Free agents will come and go, and new draft picks will look to break the mold next year. With that being said, let’s grade each of Green Bay’s offensive positions and grade them.

Quarterback: A
People recently are acting like Aaron Rodgers is going to leave in something like FA. Rodgers is locked down for a while and his only way of departure out of Green Bay would be a retirement or a trade elsewhere. And even if a trade were to occur, Love has shown the potential that he can be the next great Packers Quarterback. So, if Rodgers were to be traded, I would slightly change the ranking to a B+, but as long as Rodgers and Love are on the roster, this will stay an A.

Key Free Agents: None

Running Back: A+
What is there to be said about Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon that hasn’t been said before? They’re both amazing Running Backs when the ball is in their hands, and they complement each other very nicely. This may be the most stacked and arguably the best position in Green Bay’s entire offensive, but they both prove that they are well capable of handling the load of carries and standing out with limited carries.

Key Free Agents: None

Wide Receivers: B-
Romeo Doubs looked amazing before his injury and continued to grow his game after it when he came back. After being injured for half the reason, Christion Watson exploded on the scene and has shown the superstar potential everyone knows he has. Samori Toure had just 5 catches for 82 yards but one of those was a super smart touchdown vs the Bills. So why is WRs a B-? Those 3 are the only WRs on the roster to have caught a pass in the NFL. Doubs and Watson alone are giving this a C+, and if one of them were not on the team this would easily be a D. But Watson and Doubles will continue to grow into next year, and along with some free agent signings could easily bolster this position. And with a decision not made by Cobb on if he’ll return, he’ll technically remain on the roster, but I chose to leave him out of this article.

Key Free Agents: Allen Lazard (He’s most likely gone)

Tight End: C
Big Dog Mercedes Lewis is an amazing run blocker and a very high football IQ guy. He’ll sneak out of a block on an option play and end up with a touchdown. He’s one of the most loved guys on this Packers team. Josiah Deguara is an interesting 2nd option, but he brings limited stuff to the table. If Tonyan is gone, the Packers must either draft a good TE or go get on in Free Agency. Teams with explosive TEs can take tops off defensives as defenses will have to allocate resources to stopping TEs and not just WRs. The Packers would love to have a TE that can be a playmaker in what already can be an explosive offense.

Key Free Agents: Robert Tonyan

Offensive Line: A
Yes, I’m grouping the offensive line as one as it’s easier than going position by position. Bakhtiari and Jenkins are both locked down for many years to come and both will continue to be the stellar players they always have been for many years. Josh Myers is locked down for another 2 years and he has been quite impressive for the 2 years he’s already been in Green Bay. Runyan has really come on for a 6th round pick and has shown that he deserves to be a starter on the Packers. Even as far as backups go, Royce Newman has shown some flashes of potential and Zach Tom looks as if he could be amazing. There’s not much this Packers team doesn’t have when it comes to the line, and they’re only going to get better with time.

Key Free Agents: Yosh Nijman
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