Every Vikings Notable Releases and Signings from Waivers

Ihmir Smith-Marsette was a SHOCKING release that no fans had seen coming. A fan favorite on the team, he was looking at possibly being a WR 4/5 this year. Last year in the Vikings last game against the Bears, IMS put up 103 receiving yards which showed his potential and had fans excited for him this season. According to his agent however, he had many locker room problems with other Vikings players which resulted in the Vikings ultimately releasing him to waivers. This move also allowed them to bring in Jalen Reagor who they traded for earlier this week.

Kellen Mond was not exactly as shocking as IMS due to his struggles in pre-season and not playing last season to a higher standard. Still, most Vikings fans expected the Vikings to keep him on as QB3 behind Kirk Cousins, and new signing Nick Mullens. They were expecting him to sit and develop under Cousins, and possibly hold the future job of QB for the Vikings. His preseason stats; 29/51 Completions, 303 Total Yards, and 2 Touchdowns. Obviously unimpressed with his performance, the new Vikings regime waived Mond this week and he is now signed under the Browns.

Wyatt Davis never saw the day of light under the Vikings under the old regime and the new regime. The Vikings 3rd round pick in the 2021 NFL Draft was never put onto the field even though Vikings fans were calling for him to be in some games just to see him play. The potential was never seen under the Vikings but as Davis is now signed to the Giants, his potential could possibly break the light.

Jalen Reagor was a big trade that most NFL fans did not see coming. In 2020, the Vikings went viral for laughing when the Eagles drafted Reagor before they drafted Justin Jefferson. Now both players are on the same team, and Vikings fans are hoping for a majour development from Reagor, after last year he held the title for failed reception rate. Reagor could be a good WR 5/6 this season for the Vikings and might even move up on the Vikings roster due to his experience. The Vikings are known for developing wide receivers very well, and under WR coach Keenan McCardell, Reagor could develop into a well-rounded player.

Travis Toivonen was another addition by the Vikings this past week. The big 6’4” receiver is looking at filling the Vikings need of a big bodied wide receiver that can throw blocks as well as be a split end receiver. When on the field, Vikings fans should expect to see Toivonen in the middle of the field or blocking. Another good and hefty addition to the Vikings, now filled.
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