Evaluating the Packers’ Worst Draft Picks in each of the Past Five Drafts

The Packers are known as one of the best teams in NFL history at drafting talented players in early and late rounds and turning them into winning players. But all teams have players they whiff on and the Packers are no exception. Here are the five worst picks the Packers have made in the last five years.

2022 Draft: Devonte Wyatt, 1st Round pick 28
To be clear, this one is hard because the players have only played for a small sample size. Nonetheless, Wyatt was pretty much a non factor most of the season. Finishing with 15 tackles and 1.5 sacks, Wyatt spent most of the season behind Kenny Clark and will most likely remain there for another year. It’s nothing against Wyatt, he has the looks, skills, and potential of a great player and it seems like he will be one in the future. But for a team that could use help at other positions and could have filled those at pick 28, this pick is the worst.

2021: Amari Rodgers, 3rd Round pick 85
I don’t think there is a single good thing I can say about Amari. I hated this pick originally, as it felt like the front office’s way of saying hey look we got a WR in the draft, now stop talking about us getting one. Amari took little to no offensive snaps over his one and a half years in Green Bay, and he was the worst special teams player most people have ever seen. Constantly fumbling punt returns and costing teams the games, you could see how the momentum changed in every game he coughed up the football. For a player to leave a team with 8 catches and 7 fumbles, it’s unheard of. This is potentially one of the Packers worst picks in their history.

2020: Josiah Deguara, 3rd Round, pick 94
Deguara was an interesting pick that simply never panned out, but that’s not necessarily his fault. He played behind Tonyan, who had a breakout year and Lewis, who is one of the best blocking TEs in the league. That didn’t leave much playing time for Deguara. Deguara has put up 39 catches for 371 and 2 TDs in his time in Green Bay, and at times has looked to be a good catcher when getting the ball from Rodgers. If Tonyan is to leave in FA, Deguara may get his shot to prove what he has. But if that time doesn’t come, he is still one of the best fan favorite players that the Packers have.

2019: Jace Sternberger, 3rd Round pick 75
Back to back years the Packers took a TE in the 3rd round and back to back years it didn’t work out. Sternberger was never anything good, catching 12 passes for 144 and 1 TD in his time with Green Bay. I personally believe his downfall started when he chose to wear number 87. 87 Is a sacred number for Packers fans, as fan favorite and future HOFer Jordy Nelson wore that number and had a special place in every Packer fans heart. Seeing a third round pick wear the number that was once worn by Jordy had the fans out for him.

2018: Josh Jackson, 2nd Round pick 45
Everyone not named Jaire Alexander and MVS was awful from this draft. Jackson is the worst of them. Coming out of Iowa, Jackson was a projected first round pick with all the tools to be an elite corner, and he fell to Green Bay in the 2nd round. Once he got to the NFL, all the potential he showed in college just disappeared out of the blue. In 3 years in Green Bay, he recorded 12 pass deflections, 1 forced fumble, 0 interceptions and 71 total tackles in 42 games, 15 of which he started in. A flat out bust as 2nd round picks go, he made his way to a few teams before falling out of the league.
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