Do the Vikings Have a Kicker Sized Hole in Their Roster?

Do the Vikings have yet another kicker problem?

It sure seems like it. Yet again, Greg Joseph missed a crucial extra point that could have cost the Vikings the game late after coming all the way back from 17 down in Buffalo against the Bills. While some say, the missed XP forced the Vikings to go for the win, this should not be understated or overlooked because this will haunt the Vikings in the future if not addressed.

Joshep’s woes have gone for the most part under the radar to the team’s success against what many consider as an easy schedule. These games have not come down to making field goals to win games as time expires, so the Vikings have been fine. Nonetheless, it has left the door open for opponents.

During an important drive in Miami, the Vikings score a TD and Joseph missed the XP. The game was only a one-score game and the Dolphins couldn’t capitalize on it. The Cardinals had a similar opportunity where the Vikings only won by one score due to an extra point. Had the Cardinals scored a TD on their final drive the game could have fallen to them similar to what they did to the Raiders in Week 2. Good teams sometimes capitalize on this, but great teams will always capitalize on this.

It would be a tragedy if the Vikings depended on an FG or XP late in the season and it was missed. It would be like watching 2 trains running into each other in slow motion—a true horror.

While all of Joseph’s misses have been from 50+ this season, (which is not given, but expected to make in today’s NFL) he is inexcusably the leader of the NFL in missed extra points (21/25). The special teams have been a bright spot on this team—except for the kicker. Kickers have historically been the Grim Reaper following the Vikings to just take them out and this scenario seems like it is straight out of the franchises’ history textbook.

It may or not be Greg Joseph’s fault, but one thing is clear: the Vikings have a kicker problem.
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