Detroit Lions Trade Targets

The trade deadline on November 1st is approaching and the Lions could be looking to buy as they have a surplus of picks left over from the Matthew Stafford trade and should be willing to expend some of those picks. There are a few guys in particular that I would love to see in the Honolulu blue.

Brian Burns, Defensive End, Carolina Panthers, 24 YO
Brian Burns is a young electric Defensive End who can change a defense by himself. He is on a team that should be looking to sell at the deadline and Burns would be a perfect fit in Detroit. His speed off the edge is second to none and he would drastically improve the worst defense in the league as soon as he steps on the field. While he would take a lot to trade for it is certainly worth it as he is only 24 years old and has many years of production ahead of him, and has not scratched the potential football fans know he can reach.

Daron Payne, Defensive Tackle, Washington Commanders, 25 YO
Another young star on a team that should be selling at the deadline. Daron Payne is extremely versatile, he is a force to be reckoned with on the interior and can even slide to the outside when asked. He can play just about anywhere and he is a top talent in the league wherever you put him. If the Lions pulled off a trade for Payne he would almost instantly impact a defense that is dead last in the league. Payne provides instant run-stop help and would provide pressure to the Quarterback when needed. At only 25, Payne is worth whatever the Commanders are asking because he is going to be a beast for a long, long time.

Sidney Jones, Cornerback, Seattle Seahawks, 26
Through the Seahawks’ first six games, Jones has been a healthy scratch in four of them. Jones sustained a concussion in the pre-season which led to Tariq Woolen taking his starting job. Jones has not been happy with this decision by the Hawks coaching staff and could easily be a trade target for the Lions. The Lions desperately need corners as they have seen a surplus of injuries to the secondary. Jones could provide instant help to that unit. He had a career season last year and is still very young. It should not take very much for the Lions to trade for Jones, maybe a late-round pick which the Lions could certainly not be too frugal with.

William Jackson, Cornerback, Washington Commanders, 29 YO
Another Commanders player the Lions need to be targeting. Jackson signed a three-year deal with Washington just a year ago but has stated he wants a fresh start. He has become unhappy with the way he has been used in Washington’s system, Washington has run a lot of zone this season but Jackson sees himself as more of a man-to-man corner. This is perfect because the Lions run more man-to-man than anybody in the league. Especially with all of the injuries the Lions have seen this season to the secondary Jackson should be a hot name in the upcoming weeks with Detroit and hopefully, they make some changes within this team
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