Detroit Lions: A Mid-Season Change of Momentum

Wow! What a game by the Detroit Lions defense. Truly incredible. I’ve seen give or take 200 Lions games since I’ve been watching football, and that was probably the best game I’ve ever seen them play on the defensive side of the ball. 24 hours later and I’m still stunned.

Rookie Kerby Joseph put the NFL on notice with the best performance of his young career, and Aidan Hutchinson got his first career interception as well.

While the offense wasn’t great by any means, they still did enough to get the victory, and I’m sure this win will inspire them going forward.

For as amazing of a win as Sunday’s game was, there is a question that must be asked. Was it a fluke or a sign of things to come?

Excellent question, since I think the answer is yes to both. First of all, that’s the worst game I’ve ever seen Aaron Rodgers play. I’ve spoken to multiple Packers fans I know, and they were NOT happy with the performance. What was that guy doing? He must have taken psychedelics before the game or something, I don’t know. If the Lions were a high end defense, whatever. That happens. But this Lions unit was the WORST IN THE LEAGUE going into this week, and he played the way he did. That’ll never happen again. Who knows how long Rodgers will continue to play, but he’ll never play as bad as he did this Sunday.

Enough of the Rodgers slander, let’s talk about why this is a sign of things to come for the Lions. When they fired Aubrey Pleasant, I wasn’t sure what to think. He’s not a coach I really had my eyes on, but I guess Campbell and friends saw some things behind the scenes they didn’t like, and maybe they had a point. In the first game after he was relieved of his duties, the Lions secondary picked off the reigning back to back MVP 3 times. So… wow. He must have been the issue if immediately after he splits from the rest of the team they go out and do that. Now that they know they can put together a great performance, I think that’ll install a whole new level of confidence in them going forward. They shut down one of the 10 best quarterbacks in the history of the sport, and allowed just 9 points in the process. Coming into this week, the previous low they allowed a team to score was 24. Expect them to build on this performance next week when they play Chicago.

Also would like to point out how notorious scrub Amani Oruwariye only played 1 snap the entire game, so the Lions likely won because of that. I’m just playing, let’s choose peace today.

Stud of the game: Kerby Joseph
Dud of the game: Aaron Rodgers
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