Comparing the 2022 Vikings and the 2020 Steelers

The Vikings now have a record of 8-2 through the first 10 games in the 2022 season. In the 2020 season, the Steelers started their season with a record of 10-0 (finished 12-4). When taking a closer look at comparing these 2 teams, there are a lot more similarities than you would think.

While both records speak for themselves, many off-the-field activities by the Vikings resemble the 2020 Steelers. During the Steeler’s win streak, Juju Smith-Shuster and Chase Claypool became the TikTokers of the NFL. This infamously boiled over when head coach Mike Tomlin asked Smith-Shuster to refrain from posting dancing locker room TikTok’s after a loss and poor performance. Ever since, Smith-Shuster’s name has carried the baggage of being a TikToker, more importantly, a distraction in the locker room. While it is unlikely Kevin O’Connell will stop the team celebration of wearing the plane chains, these 2 teams are at an extreme likelihood of getting meme-d.

Every fan base has its traditions that others may find obnoxious. For the Vikings, it is the Skol chant. After recording a sack during Week 11’s blowout win over the Vikings, Dallas Cowboy Jayson Kearse mocked the chant in celebration. Chants like these are easy to pick on and will continue to follow the Vikings for as long as it is a part of their core identity.

The Vikings’ young star, Justin Jefferson, has also fallen victim to this phenomenon of success. After famously bringing “The Griddy” to the NFL, opposing players have taken the chance to copy the dance. Is imitation a form of flattery? Watch Mike Gesicki hit the Griddy against the Vikings.

Another antic that has gotten national attention is the celebration chains. Now worn by, Kirk Cousins (who now has a nickname “Kirko Chains”) and Patrick Peterson, this tradition has become a big part of this team off the field. Once again when the Vikings win this is celebrated. When the Vikings lose, it is used against them. Bleacher Report created this image ripping Kirk’s chain off, and players, like Micah Parson’s, were quick to hop in the comment section laughing “give me that s***”.

Let’s face it, successful teams like the Vikings are the most fun to make fun of. They are not the first team to be clowned in the age of social media and they certainly will not be the last. While it is almost certain we will not see Kirk Cousins hitting the “Corvette” at midfield anytime soon.

When teams win, they are allowed to have fun and no one can say anything about it. When these teams lose, they are going to get trolled.
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This is dumb has hell

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Huh? This doesn’t even make any sense

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