Colts’ Owner Jim Irsay reveals plan to trade with Bears

Wild news flying out of Indianapolis this week, confirming what Chicago Bears previously thought. While announcing the signing of their new head coach, Shane Steichen, the Indianapolis Colts’ owner spoke briefly about their quarterback plans as well. At the conference, Irsay first led off with, “It takes a lot more time to develop, knowing we’re going to have to find a young quarterback to develop, that’s a key factor”. Validating previous rumors, the Colts will not be settling for Derek Carr or Jimmy Garoppolo, they want a bright prospect with unlimited potential.

Stuck in a revolving door of quarterbacks since Andrew Luck, the Colts are looking to strike big again. Irsay went even further by saying, “Although the Alabama guy doesn’t look bad, I tell you”, hinting at projected #1 overall pick, Bryce Young. The only team with the capability of selecting Bryce Young, it’s clear that Irsay and the Colts are looking to make a deal with the Bears for their coveted #1 overall draft pick.

A previous rumor I heard weeks ago included Colts’ wide receiver Michael Pittman Jr. in a package for the Bears’ pick. Clearly addressing the issue at receiver, I’m not convinced Pittman would be enough to cover the value of the pick. With the Colts also retaining the #4 overall pick, it’s more likely the Bears trade down a few picks to get a defensive prospect, like Will Anderson Jr. or Jalen Carter. However, it would be doubtful that the Colts would include Pittman in that trade-down scenario, so it’s unclear what the Colts would be able to add.

While a Bears-Colts trade inches closer, it’s inevitable that the Bears receive some sort of useful asset with their pick. It’s up to GM Ryan Poles to get the best value while also balancing out talent in order for the Bears to succeed next year. Whichever direction the Bears choose to go, new talent is awaiting.
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