Chicago Bears vs. New York Giants: 3 Keys To The Game

1.) Give Fields Confidence
Fields looked terrible last week against the Texans. He has 106 yards and two interceptions. Thankfully the run game and defense bailed out the second-year quarterback, and the Bears won 23-20. However, this game plan can’t be sustained throughout the entire season. If the Bears want to win and develop Justin Fields, they need to get him more comfortable in this offense. They need to start the game with short and quick completions. Give Fields multiple options, keep them within 10 yards, and let him get those easy completions. Fields has looked hesitant and sloppy through three games. Getting him easy completions early in the game will build his confidence and let the Bears open up the offense. Fields’ biggest concern so far has seemed to be his confidence; in himself and his weapons. Giving him a reason to trust himself and those weapons get him and the offense back on track.

2.) Defend the Run
The Bears have been one of the worst run defenses in the NFL this year, allowing over 150 yards per game. The Giants have one of the best rushing attacks in the league, averaging just under 170 yards on the ground every game. Saquon Barkley has carried the ball 53 times this season for over 300 yards and an average of six yards per carry. If the Bears want any chance at a win, they need to stop Barkley. The Giants have also had one of the worst passing games in the league, primarily due to the offensive line. Daniel Jones, QB for the Giants, has been sacked 13 times this season. He has had very little time to throw, and was pressured 27 times against the Cowboys. If the Bears can stop the run and force the Giants to throw the ball, they have a much better chance of winning. It will be an arduous task for the Bear’s defensive line, but it is necessary for the Bears to stop the run if they want to win.

3.) Keep the Run-Game Rolling
While David Montgomery is injured and will not play on Sunday, Khalil Herbert is ready to step up. He already has, in fact, after a 157-yard and two touchdown performance against the Texans. Herbert was incredible last Sunday while stepping in for David Montgomery. The Giants also have a bottom ten rushing defense, allowing just under 140 yards a game. With the Bear’s offensive line being top in the league for run blocking and Herbert coming off a career game, the Bears will look to focus on the run game for a fourth straight week. Hopefully, this time it results in a better passing attack, but if not, the run game could still keep us afloat. Even without a solid performance from Justin Fields, Herbert and company can keep the Bears in the game and win it, as they did against the Texans.

The Bears are coming off an excellent defensive performance and a fantastic game from backup running back Khalil Herbert. While Fields looked worse than he ever has, the team as a whole played well and got a hard-earned win. The Bears come into the game as underdogs, even though the Giants just lost to the Cowboys backup QB and let up 23 pressures, the most of Jone’s career. The Bears seem to like being the underdog, as they have stated multiple times since the beginning of the season. They have a lot to prove, but a resounding win against New York could lead to great things for the rest of the season.
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