Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers: 3 Keys to the Game

1.) Throw the Ball
Justin Fields will return to the lineup Sunday after missing Week 12. He comes back after a shoulder injury held him out last week against the Jets. This likely means he won’t be running the ball as often as he had before his injury. The Packers have been giving up more passing yards lately, letting up over 300 yards to Ryan Tannehill and 153 to Jalen Hurts in their last two matchups. It may not directly make the Bears better, but it will keep Fields safer(presumably). If Fields is running too much, he might aggravate the injury. Throwing the ball is a safer option for Fields and will give the Bears a better chance at a win.

2.) Run the Ball
It may seem obvious, as it’s the only thing the Bear’s offense does well, but it will be a huge part of the game. In each one of the Packer’s losses this year, they have let up at least 100 rushing yards. If the Bears want to win, they need to continue to run the ball. Even with Khalil Herbert out, the Bears still have David Montgomery, Darryton Evans(who had a nice game against the Jets), and of course, Justin Fields. The Bears have a great running attack, and they can lead them to a win against the rival Packers.

3.) Defend the Run
Another obvious statement, but the Packers have a good rushing attack, and the Bears can’t defend against it. In all but one of their wins, they rushed for 199 or more yards. If the Bears can hold them under the 200-rushing-yard mark, they have a fighting chance against their rival.

The Bears are coming into this game with a five-game losing streak. The Packers aren’t too hot either, going just 1-7 over the last eight games. Both teams are in a tough spot right now. However, if the Bears win they lose the second-overall pick and most likely fall out of the top-five. A Bear’s victory would also catapult the Packers into a top-five position. Either way, the Bear’s and Bears fans win. A win over the Packers for the first time in four years is no small accomplishment and they seem to be at their most vulnerable. Another loss would keep the Bears in the number two overall spot. Obviously a win would be great, but at this point in the season a loss is almost as good.
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