Chicago Bears vs. Detroit Lions: 3 Keys to the Game

1. Give Fields the Ball
The last time the Bears played the Lions, Fields had 167 passing yards and 147 rushing yards, as well as four total touchdowns. He shone against a weak defense, and if he can do it again, the Bears have a good chance of winning this week. With most of the receiver group out, Fields will most likely have more chances to run the ball. This, combined with the threat of passing, should be enough to win the game.

2. Lock Down Defense
The Lions’ offense has been hot lately, scoring 20 or more points in their last eight games, as well as scoring 30 or more in four of those games. On the flip side, the Bears’ defense has been less than good, allowing 30 or more points in five of the last eight games. If the Bears want to win, they need to get stops on defense. They did a good job last week in the first few drives. If they can continue that momentum, the defense should be able to stop the Lions’ offense.

3. Win by Losing?
The Bears’ season is over, and there isn’t much point to these last two games. However, there is still something to look forward to in the last two weeks. The Texans recently won, giving them two wins on the season. Since they also have a tie from earlier this year, one more win would give the Bears the first overall pick. All the Bears have to do is lose out. The Texans just need to win one of their games, which will be against the Jaguars and Colts. The Texans have a winning streak against the Jaguars that dates back to 2017. This gives the Bears hope for landing the number one overall pick in the 2023 draft, a prize far better than a win against the Lions.

The Bears haven’t won a game in a very long time, and the Lions have been hot recently. There is still hope for a win, as the Lions have been very hot and cold this season. A win would be great for morale and momentum going into the offseason, but a loss could also gift the Bears the number one overall pick. It’s a win-win situation for the future of the Bears.
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