Chicago Bears Vs. Dallas Cowboys: 3 Keys To The Game

1.) Run Right at ‘Em
The Cowboys have an abundance of talent on their defense, but their run defense is still in the middle of the pack. On the other side of the ball, the Bears have the best rushing attack in the league. The Bears need to run the ball if they want another upset win. Not only run the ball but run it A LOT. As I mentioned before, the Cowboys aren’t an elite run defense, allowing over 800 yards and 4.4 yards per carry. With David Montgomery, Khalil Herbert, and Justin Fields all having over 300 rushing yards, the Bears have an elite rushing attack. Along with the fact that the Cowboys do have an elite pass rush, the run game is the safer option for Fields and the team.

2.) Scheme Some Blocks
Starting Right Tackle Larry Borom is out with a concussion against the Cowboys. Starting Center Lucas Patrick went on IR early in the week, meaning he will be out for at least four weeks. Thankfully, tackle Alex Leatherwood, who the Bears picked up off waivers earlier in the season, has come off the injured list and is available to play. The Bear’s offensive line is going up against some of the best, including Micah Parsons and Demarcus Lawerance. The Cowboys also lead the league with 29 sacks. The Bears have a tough task ahead, and just leaving the five blockers in to protect Justin isn’t going to cut it. They’ll need extra protection; whether it comes from the running back, full back or tight end doesn’t matter. If they want a chance at a win, they need to protect Justin Fields, and that means scheming something up. They need to do whatever they have to do to keep Justin upright. If they want to win, that’s where it starts.

3.) Continue to Produce
The Bears had an incredible performance against the Patriots on Monday night. Not only did they produce in the red zone, but they also converted on third downs. They were 11/18 or 61 percent, a season-high in third-down efficiency. If the Bears want to continue their dominant ways, they need to continue to convert in the red zone and third and fourth downs. The Cowboys have a great defense, while the Bear’s offense hasn’t been so great. We’ve seen the Bears fall apart in games against the Commanders and Giants where they couldn’t execute in certain spots. Against the Giants, there were many mistakes, but the largest was the muffed punt by rookie Velus Jones Jr. Against the Commanders, it was drive after drive into the redzone without getting points. If the Bears can execute and produce against a high-powered Cowboys defense, they have a much better shot at a win.

The Bears are coming off an eye-opening win against the Patriots. The defense looked terrific, and the offense was great. They came into a nationally televised game as significant underdogs and came away with a blowout win. This Cowboys roster is better than the Patriots, but the coaching staff doesn’t come close to Bill Belichick’s staff. The Bears have a good chance to go on a run, and if they can beat the Cowboys, they are looking at a wildcard spot at 4-4. Obviously, it’s very early for playoff rankings, but being 4-4 in a historically weak NFC could go a long way down the stretch.
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