Chicago Bears vs. Atlanta Falcons: 3 Keys to the Game

1.) Run the Dang Ball!
The Bears have the best run game in the NFL. That’s not an exaggeration; they have over 200 yards per game and 5.6 yards per rush. They have also rushed for over 200 yards in the past five games. The Atlanta Falcons run defense is 18th in yards per game. If the Bears want to win, they must continue running the football. It may be more challenging with Khalil Herbert going on IR, but David Montgomery is still a great running back. It also doesn’t hurt that Justin Fields is playing quarterback. The Falcons have not won when allowing more than 200 yards on the ground this season. If the Bears continue their dominance in the ground game, they have a great chance to win.

2.) Try Some Passes
The Atlanta Falcons are the worst team in passing yards per game allowed, with 280. The Bears have leaned heavily on the run game recently, but with Chase Claypool reportedly getting more packages and the offensive line getting healthier, the Bears should look to air it out a little. However, the Bears are only passing for 128 yards per game. They have also let up the most sacks in the NFL, with 36. It’s been proven that it is pretty difficult for the Bears to pass the ball effectively this season, but this is the game to test that. A bad Atlanta secondary, Darnell Mooney, Chase Claypool, and the breakout star Cole Kmet should be a recipe for success. If the Bears want to get back in the win column after three straight losses, they need to look to throw the ball(at least more than they have been).

3.) Get Redzone Stops
The Bear’s defense has let up over 30 points in the last three games, costing them a win against the Detroit Lions. The secondary has been particularly bad, giving up over 250 passing yards in the last three games. The offense has put the team in positions to win, and the defense has let them down over and over. They need to stop the Falcons from scoring if they want to win. Limiting them to field goals would be a massive win for the defense. If they can’t stop Atlanta’s offense, the Bears might be looking at four straight losses.

The Bear’s offense is coming in red hot, and Justin Fields is coming off multiple record-breaking performances. The defense is coming off some bad performances, but they have faced some of the top offenses in the league. The Bears are away, but Justin Fields is returning home to Georgia to play one of the teams that passed on him. That might be the biggest storyline for the game on Sunday. The Bears should be able to win this game, but that’s also what I said last week, so who really knows?
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