Can Equanimeous St. Brown Propel Justin Fields into a Breakout Season?

Heading into the 2022 season, much of the talk surrounding young quarterback Justin Fields is negative, to say the least. Most claims against the second-year quarterback are generally based on how he has no weapons, he has a first-year offensive play caller, and his team’s roster is bottom five in the NFL. While some of those arguments may have some truth to them, some arguments are in favor of a breakout season from Justin Fields. One such argument is the new Bears wide receiver, Equanimeous St. Brown.

When The Bears rehauled their roster under new GM Ryan Poles, the signing of St. Brown went a little under the radar. It’s with good reason, as in three seasons with The Packers, St. Brown has totaled only 543 receiving yards off of 37 receptions. With stats like those, fans and analysts alike are wondering how St. Brown can even make an impact in an underwhelming offense and a quarterback not nearly as spectacular as Aaron Rodgers. Well, everyone was thinking that before training camp started. That’s when St. Brown showed the NFL that he can help this offense and Justin Fields succeed.

As Bear’s training camp was finally underway on July 27th, many fans only wanted to show up to see the young players like Fields, Mooney, Montgomery, etc. and while those players did show up come training camp, none impressed more than Equanimeous St. Brown. Thanks to his 6’5 214 lb stature, along with his knowledge of the offense implemented by former Packers passing game coordinator and new Bears offensive coordinator Luke Getsy, St. Brown was able to carve out an impressive showing during camp. Whether it was in the red zone or a simple play-action play, St. Brown was hauling in passes all over the field from Justin Fields. The two were carving the defense and forming a chemistry that can become crucial in Fields’ development into a top-tier quarterback.

Now that Justin Fields has another wide receiver to rely on, how will this change his ceiling? Well, the argument can be made that this will benefit Fields in several ways. Before St. Brown, Fields only had one receiver he could truly rely on, that being Darnell Mooney. As opposing defenses see the connection more and more, all they have to do is lock off Mooney and leave Fields out to dry. Now that Fields has St. Brown as a reliable target, it can open up the offense way more and let Fields succeed in year two. With The Bears entering a rebuilding year with nearly $96 million in cap next year, Fields’ development remains number one on the Bear’s priorities. Thanks to St. Brown, Fields is being pushed in the right direction.

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