Breaking Down Key Moments From the Packers Win

As an avid fan of the Green Bay Packers I have made it my goal to attend at least one game for the Packers every single season. My first two games attending Lambeau Field were the 2018 Falcons game, the first game after firing McCarthy. The other game was the week 17 Vikings game last season, essentially the game where Rodgers clinched his 2021 MVP.

2018 was my first experience and it was remarkable. Then when I attended the game last season, the Packers were on the road to the one seed and another MVP for Rodgers. They were steamrolling the NFL which to me was a very exciting prospect to see this game in person. Then enter the 2022 season. The Pack has been struggling in a bad way. Then I found out at the start of November that I would be attending the New Year’s Day Vikings Game. A huge part of me was worried at the prospects of attending a potential massacre of our team. But either way I was ready to go to the game.

With the Packers on their mini win streak, paired with everything going right to help them into the postseason, Lambaeu had a different, more electric atmosphere about it this time around. Before the game started the crowd was already loud and moving around. The game started off with a horrible bang. Within four minutes the Vikings blocked a punt right near our endzone and the whole stadium took a massive gasp. But when the defense held them to a field goal things settled in. But the next play? Keisean Nixon’s kick return touchdown. The stadium just exploded by this point. Every single person was out of their seats and screaming. And rightfully so. The Packers special teams had finally pulled off a return touchdown and it was beautiful. Fast forward a few minutes and Darnell Savage recorded a massive pick six off of Kirk Cousins, returning it for a touchdown. The rest of the first half was complete domination by the Packers, paired with lots of self-inflicted wounds by the Vikings.

In the second half the Packers started off up 27-3. The stadium was loud and the fans were into it. The noise helped mess with the Vikings, inflicting several penalties by the Vikings offense. The Packers recorded another interception off of Cousins, a strip sack, and two offensive touchdowns. Then the end of the third quarter happened. With the team up big, fans having a great time, the stadium began to mock the Skol chant against the Vikings. It was an amazing sight, and definitely helped to make up for what they did to us in week one.

When it comes to attending games in person there are several lessons I may have taken for granted before this game. One. The crowd does in fact matter. It can affect the play of both times. So whenever you attend a game, whether you’re a Packers fan or a fan of anyone, get up. Be loud. Help make a difference. Two. Even when your team feels lost. When it’s a down year. Go to games. Enjoy the experience because NFL games are very unique. And finally. And this one is centered around Green Bay. This team is dangerous. Next week is it. Win and we are in the playoffs. Lose and we stay home. If you’re going to the game, be as loud as you’ve ever been. Get out of your seat. Let’s make a run shall we?
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