Boom or Bust Candidates: Chicago Bears vs. Detroit Lions

Week 9 boom: Chase Claypool – MISS
Week 9 bust: Eddie Jackson – HIT

Boom: Darnell Mooney
With the emergence of Justin Fields in recent weeks, Darnell Mooney should take off in the near future. Fields ran for nearly 200 rushing yards last week, so it is likely that future opponents force him to pass the ball more. Mooney is by far his best weapon in the passing game, and should torch the Detroit Lions’ defense as most top receivers have this season.

Bust: Nicholas Morrow
The Bears’ defense is extremely lacking in talent and that has shown over the past few weeks. Nicholas Morrow and his fellow linebackers are playing behind a miserable defensive line who has been incapable of stopping the run. Pair the Lions heavy commitment to the run game with Jared Goff’s success attacking the middle of the field this year, and there will be lots of pressures placed on these subpar linebackers this week.
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