Biggest Needs for Lions in the Offseason

The Detroit Lions ended the 2022/2023 season on a remarkably positive note that ended with a solid win against the Packers. Additionally, after a tough start to the season of a 1-6 record, the Lions won 8 of their last 10 games. The better news is that they performed extremely well in the NFC North as the Lions sustained a 5-1 record against division opponents. Even though they barely missed the playoffs, morale is incredibly high as they enter the offseason. Unlike past years, impact players want to resign with the team, which showcases the incredible culture that Dan Campbell has built.

However, after watching this team for the last year, there are some holes that the Detroit Lions have to fix if they want to make it to the next level of their rebuild. Here are 2 things they have to do this offseason in order to make that next step.

Retain Coaches
The Detroit Lions have incredibly talented assistant coaches. Two coaches, specifically Aaron Glenn and Ben Johnson, have had the opportunity after the season to be interviewed for head coaching job positions. Both coaches are tremendously important for the success of the Lions.

Last year, Aaron Glenn was a serious candidate for several jobs due to the fact that the Lions defense was not as bad as many people thought it would be. However, the defense took a step back early in the season, but Aaron Glenn successfully turned around the defense, which helped the Lions finish with a 9-8 record. He is a very talented defensive coach and if the Lions retain him, expect a good defense in 2023.

Additionally, Ben Johnon has been a hot commodity this offseason due to his genius offensive schemes and mindset. There are several rumors of teams, especially the Panthers, being extremely interested in him. These teams can rightfully be interested in him as Ben Johnson has been at the forefront of the Lions positive offensive changes that made the Lions offense a force to be reckoned with. The Lions finished in a lot of offensive stats as one of the top teams, and Jared Goff has played extremely well under Ben Johnson’s schemes. If Ben Johnson stays, expect an amazing offense in 2023.

Acquiring Help in the Secondary
The Lions defense at the start of the season was on pace for a historically bad season, and this was mainly due to the bad secondary. Some players in the secondaries at the start of the season took giant steps backward such as Amani Oruwariye, and as it stands today he is on the borderline of being out of the NFL.

However, once defensive backs coach Aubrey Pleasant was fired during the halfway point of the season, the secondary did improve. Yet, improvement still needs to happen as the Lions secondary was constantly getting beat and outplayed. At some point, this does not fall upon coaching, but rather players themselves.

The team should address this problem through the draft and or free agency. I think spending a first round pick on a defensive back if the value is right could be the right direction to go. Additionally, I think trading a first round pick for a top defensive back like Jalen Ramsey could be worth it, as well. The team just needs to address this problem this offseason in any way they can as help is needed in the secondary.
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