Below the Bottom: Vikings get Dominated by the Cowboys

I’m fighting the urge to mail this game in, just like how the Minnesota Vikings mailed in their entire game tonight. The Vikings get pummeled, lit on fire, and thrown in a ditch by the Dallas Cowboys, 40-3. The VIkings lose their massive winning streak, falling to (8-2), while the Cowboys move to (7-3). I mean the scoreboard tells the whole story, no? We got embarrassed. The football world was looking and waiting for this type of game from the Vikings, and they absolutely got it.

Minnesota got a grand total of 183 yards of offense, but it felt more like 17 yards. This legendarily embarrassing offensive output is almost completely on the offensive line. The slow, bumbling “blocks” that they were attempting to throw while walking around the gridiron as lost as a toddler alone in Disney World. These people get paid MILLIONS, and I didn’t see an ounce of effort from this unit. I’m really pushing to not directly insult them, as a showing of professionalism (I guess). Maybe it’s not professionalism, maybe pity? That these players have to go home and face the backlash themselves? I don’t know. Our best receiver had 34 yards, Dalvin Cook managed to squeeze out 72 yards. This is on no one else but the offensive line, if any blame is going to be dealt out, it has to be fully theirs.

For defense, 40 points explains it. Run defense was nonexistent and the shell scheme is worth as much as sand in the Sahara. Ed Donatell can’t be here next year, and I’d be overjoyed if he was gone tomorrow. We were beat at every level by every player available on Dallas’s roster. The defense didn’t record a single sack, had one QB hit, and one pass breakup. AS A DEFENSE. Not individually, COMBINED. We got exposed.

Ryan Wright’s still punting well. I mean, Greg Joseph was perfect tonight? Sure, he only kicked once, but that’s a good sign for such a malignant weight on the special teams recently. I don’t think I can possibly make it any clearer how badly we got cooked, and this team isn’t really worth more of my time tonight. Hopefully, they get back into the practice facility and figure it out. They need to. Desperately.
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