Bears vs. Texans: Game Day Prediction

This game is a little difficult to predict, largely due to the fact that at the moment, both the Houstan Texans and Chicago Bears are considered mediocre teams. Many consider this a quite even matchup, meaning the game could go either way, but there is a growing sense of urgency in the Bears camp. This is mostly due to yet another embarrassing loss versus Green Bay, with much of the criticism falling on Bears offensive coordinator Luke Getsy. Nevertheless, it is a new week, facing a much more inferior opponent than the Green Bay Packers.

For the Bears team and Bears fans, this game is a huge indicator on what the rest of the season may look like. If the Bears look like they did last week and lose in an abysmal fashion, Bears fans will probably collectively implode and be quick to find somebody within the organization to pin the blame on. That being said, that is only if the performance seems uninspired. The team is more or less in a building stage right now, and a spark or semblance of a complementary offense and defense will excite fans. A loss could be excused if the Bears play well. However, the bottom line is that the Bears should be able to win this game. This is their chance to step-up and show the NFL world how they can come back after such a demoralizing loss, and get themselves back to a winning record. In terms of disadvantages, there aren’t very noticeable ones present. Both linebackers Matthew Adams and Roquan Smith are listed as questionable, but Smith is expected to play. Adams is more of a question, but if he is absent, then preseason fan favorite Jack Sanborn may take the field. Sanborn signed with the Bears this year as an undrafted free agent, yet had a stellar showing in the Bears preseason games. His presence on the field could very well be welcome. Additionally, it is still unknown if rookie wide receiver Velus Jones Jr. will take the field. However, he still has yet to play, so this isn’t really a loss for the Bears. Once healed, fans hope his addition to the offense can bolster productivity.

The Houston Texans, much like the Bears, have had a slightly rocky start to the season. They are winless, but don’t have two losses heading into week three. In their week one matchup versus the Colts they actually tied, with young quarterback Davis Mills putting up a solid performance and netting himself two touchdowns with no turnovers. Likewise, the ever stellar WR Brandin Cooks had a strong game, as did O.J. Howard, who caught both of the touchdowns. However, the week after against the Denver Broncos was nowhere near as good for the Texans, as they lost 9-16. Unable to get a single touchdown and scoring only field goals, QB Mills only completed 50% of his 38 passes attempts for 177 yards and no touchdowns. In both games, their rushing attack was rather lacking. The success of the Texans seems wholly dependent on how well Mills and his receivers play, while the defense has to keep Chicago contained if Chicago begins to exhibit signs of life.

Unless either team has an unexpected, explosive showing, this game should be close, and many experts doubt it will be too high scoring. It is worth mentioning that in the two teams’ last meeting, the Bears ran over the Texans 36-7, even though the Texans were fielding their former controversial-superstar QB Deshaun Watson. However, both teams are almost completely different since that last matchup occurred.

Prediction: 21 – 17 Bears
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