Analyzing the Trade Deadline From The Lions’ Perspective

As all of us, NFL fans know the trade deadline just passed by yesterday at 4 PM. Now, many Lions fans were not happy after yesterday, but I think there’s hope and a great future to look forward to. Here are my thoughts on everything that went down.

Firstly, trading TJ Hockenson was tough. This was a tough loss for all fans as he was a fan favorite now you can look at it both ways. You can say that you are mad at the front office for getting rid of him and that he was a great peace in our office and that we’re tanking the season.

But from the perspective that I look at it, this was a good move for the lines let me explain no my first point of emphasis Hockenson is a great titan don’t get me wrong but Hockenson is not a top three titan in this league currently so what that tells me is that he was going to want more money than the Lions were willing to give. What I mean by that is the lions weren’t going to pay TJ as much as people, more of them too and as much as Hockenson wanted them to. My second point of emphasis this offense is stacked, and when I say staff, I mean very good we have great running backs and we have a very good wide receiver core, now you might be saying well tight end is a big factor in an offense yes, I agree, but this year we aren’t targeting our tight ends as much and it’s not like we don’t have decent ends behind Hockenson. Both Brock Wright and James Mitchell are serviceable.

Now for my last point: draft Capital. This is a huge piece now I know we gave up a conditional fourth and another fourth. But hear me out getting another second and third better than just leaving Hockenson to leave in free agency. This was my assessment of what happened yesterday.

Now I do think the Lions could’ve made other moves whether that’s getting rid of some guys or just bringing in some depth that places we need help like corner expect more to come from the lions here in the off-season when they have money.
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