Analyzing the Lions Upcoming Games

Center Frank Ragnow appreciates the timing of the Detroit Lions bye week because it will give him and his teammates a chance to recover from some injuries and have a new start after the season’s poor start. Some psychological wounds that need healing also resulted from the Lions’ 1-4 start, which was culminated by a 29-0 loss to the Patriots in the final game before their bye week. According to Frank Ragnow, who has been suffering with a foot injury that has kept him out of action for one game, the bye week is a smart idea. “It gives me a true whole week to relax.” There are numerous injuries, which is unfortunate for the team. The time is right.

“It’s a long season, man. I know things might seem gloomy now, but it’s important that we realize that we can’t get down in the dumps.” The Lions objectives may seem far off, but Ragnow and his teammates are still hopeful that this season can provide some positive results. Ragnow said, “Everything is in front of us. “You have to get hot at the right time. We’ve done a lot of good things. If we can put that all together, everything’s in front of us.”

The Lions final 12 games on the schedule are the focus of this week’s Monday Countdown.

Below Andrew Radic goes through the rest of the Lions schedule and suggests a formula to win each of the upcoming games.

Week 7 – Cowboys
Cooper Rush, the team’s backup quarterback, has played well, while linebacker Micah Parsons has led a stout defense that has kept them in the game. Expectations are being exceeded by the Cowboys.

Formula To Win:

Utilize one’s own resources. Dominate with a skill position team that dominates in matchups and an offensive line that wins battles up front. At the very least, the defense must perform averagely.

Week 8 – Dolphins
It should not be forgotten that the Dolphins began the season with three solid victories over the Patriots, Ravens, and Bills before Tua Tagovailoa’s concussion and the drama surrounding it. Teddy Bridgewater arrived in place of Tua. He was the Saints’ backup quarterback, went 5-0 as a starter in 2019. Ever since he joined the NFL in 2014, he’s been a reliable captain.

Formula To Win:

Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle, two receivers who can make big plays, should be held in check. Additionally, benefit from home-field advantage. The Lions have had the best fan support they could have hoped for so far.

Week 9 – Packers
Aaron Rodgers was often updating us on the progress—or lack thereof—of his young receivers and making suggestions about potential retirement when we last checked. To put it another way, not much has altered. The Packers have improved from last year, but not as much.

Formula To Win: Stop the Packers’ running game and prevent Rashan Gary from adding to his impressive sack total. The fight of the passing game can be won by the Lions.

Week 10 – Bears
With an extremely conservative approach, Justin Fields, a second-year quarterback, is being protected and developed. However, with Khalil Herbert, David Montgomery, and Fields, the Bears have a potent running game. But no passing game.

Formula To Win:

Take the lead so you can make the Bears play catch-up. As a result, their running game has less impact.

Week 11 – Giants
The Giants, a surprise early-season squad led by rookie head coach Brian Daboll, were 4-1 after five games. Last year, they had a total of four victories. A strong running attack spearheaded by Saquon Barkley and QB Daniel Jones, as well as a respectable pass rush, must be dealt with by the opposition.

Formula To Win:

Stop the run, make Jones play out of the pocket, and force mistakes.

Week 12 – Bills (Thanksgiving)
The Bills had a single objective going into the season: win the Super Bowl. QB Josh Allen has the arm and legs to tear through a defense. Stefon Diggs is a top-tier deep threat for him. The Rams’ Super Bowl-winning pass rusher Von Miller was added by signing him. He’s hoping to do the same for the Bills.

Formula To Win:

Take advantage of the mood on Thanksgiving Day. Hopefully a few injured athletes are now prepared to compete. Utilize them, particularly for defense. If Jameson Williams is prepared to be unveiled, do so. For both Jared Goff and the fans, that would be a pleasant surprise.

Week 13 – Jaguars
Doug Pederson, who led the Eagles to a Super Bowl victory in 2017 as their head coach, has given the Jaguars’ offensive structure and potency. After a difficult debut campaign, second-year quarterback Trevor Lawrence plays like a pro.

Formula To Win:

This is all speculation, but the Lions ought to have worked out some of their problems by now, particularly with the defense. Play complimentary football if that is the case; if the defense makes stops and the offense scores, the Lions will win.

Week 14 – Vikings
The Lions witnessed their offensive prowess during their first encounter in Week 3. Dalvin Cook and Alexander Mattison are the Vikings’ very productive running backs when they’re both healthy, and are joined by exceptional catcher Justin Jefferson. To surpass its 51 sack total from the previous season, the defense needs a strong finish.

Formula To Win:

Reduced the number of penalties and defensive errors that cost them the game in Week 3’s first encounter. Keep Kirk Cousins from playing in the pocket, where he excels.

Week 15 – Jets
Zach Wilson, the Jets’ second-round pick in last year’s draft, returned after missing three of the team’s first four games due to injuries. Despite only having one winning season in the previous 11 years, the Jets could be on their way to another.

Formula To Win:

The Jets are essentially a squad without a distinct identity or playing style. Under Wilson, they could construct one. The Lions will achieve their desired outcomes if they play decent, solid football.

Week 16 – Panthers
There is no end to the instability for the Panthers. After Week 5, they sacked head coach Matt Rhule. His contract has four more years on it.

Formula To Win:

Don’t let up after getting a jump on the Panthers. Show no mercy if you’re still in the running.

Week 17 – Bears
The only thing Fields might gain from starting is experience. No matter the conditions, the Lions should win this game.

Formula To Win:

Identical to the initial meeting. Acquire a lead, then add to it.

Week 18 – Packers
If this game has significance for both teams, that would make for the ideal finale matchup. Both Lambeau Field and Ford Field hosted championship games for the NFC North in 2014 and 2016, respectively. Although the Packers won both, both groups made the playoffs. A third attempt would work a treat.

Formula To Win:

Score frequently and early. To defeat the Packers in Lambeau, a team must establish the pace. With their offensive, the Lions are most equipped to accomplish that. At Lambeau, the Packers aren’t as dominant as they once were.
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