Analyzing the Green Bay Packers Road to the Playoffs

Despite the Packers losing two of the last four games they have played, they are playing the best football they have played all year. Three of those teams are all playoff contenders and while they only beat one, they played very well against the other two. After a huge rivalry win against the bears, they have the momentum they need to go the rest of the season.

With 4 games remaining and a bye week, the Packers do still have a chance to make the playoffs. First, while the packers are resting for the bye week, we need the Vikings to beat the Lions, this would tie the lions and packers record with both being 5-8, the lions would still have the tiebreaker but that could change in week 18 when the packers and lions face off again.

Next, with the Giants and Commanders tieing resulting in neither team getting a win, this is good because both teams have a hard rest of the schedule coming up where it is not hard to imagine them both losing at least 2 more games. One of the games is against each other which would be most beneficial to the packers if the commanders won that game because the giants have five games to play whereas the commanders only have four.

The Seahawks also have a difficult schedule remaining and have not been playing how their record reflects. They could easily lose 4 of their next five games and that could knock them out of the playoffs. Playing against the 49ers, Chiefs, and Jets should all be losses for the Seahawks and then playing the Rams in week 18 might not be the easy win that people are assuming. With Baker Mayfield as quarterback who has proved himself as a strong quarterback before.

All of this relies on the Packers winning out which is easier said than done with the Vikings and the Dolphins still remaining on their schedule. The most essential win is against the lions because that would remove any tiebreaker where the lions come out on top.
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