Analyzing the Bears Coaching Staff in Week Two Loss To The Packers

The Bears followed their week one win with an embarrassing loss to the Green Bay Packers on prime time. There were many flaws throughout the week two loss, but one flaw that can’t be overlooked is the coaching staff. After putting together a fantastic drive in the first quarter, everything seemed to have fallen apart from that moment. Was it Getsy, Eberflus, or Williams? We’ll look in-depth at who was to blame for the loss to the division rivals.

After calling a superb drive in the first quarter, offensive coordinator Luke Getsy seemed to have forgotten how to call plays. Putting up a mere three more points after the first quarter is not enough to beat a division rival in the Packers. The argument can be made that Fields was robbed of a touchdown, but that doesn’t excuse the rest of the play calling during the game. In total, quarterback Justin Fields only attempted eleven passes total, tallying him at 28 total on the season. Moving forward, Getsy will have to learn to trust Fields. If not, the Bears and their fans can be in for a long season.

Defensive coordinator Alan Williams has gone under the radar throughout his first two games coaching the defense. Part in fact that many fans assume Eberflus is behind the defense. Make no mistake, however, Alan Williams was partly to blame for the loss. Throughout the entire game, the Packers running backs ran all over the Bears’ defense. Williams could not come up with a plan to combat it, as running back Aaron Jones ran for 132 yards and a rushing touchdown. A major factor in the Packers’ offense was the running game, yet Williams was unable to adjust.

Head Coach Matt Eberflus has received a fair amount of praise so far in his coaching tenure with the Bears. His discipline and hard-working demeanor have won over the hearts of Bears fans everywhere. Beginning the season with a win is impressive, given his roster. The way he has handled the Bears has started to turn some heads, regardless of the record. The loss against the Packers wasn’t his fault necessarily, as the Bears made noticeable adjustments after halftime. However, he still accepts responsibility for the loss as he is the head coach.

Heading into week three against the Houston Texans, the coaching staff should show some serious improvements from week two. Getsy needs to allow Fields to throw more, and Williams needs to do better adjusting to schemes throughout the game. Eberflus needs to keep his team disciplined and hungry as they head against a relatively weak roster. This coaching staff is very young when it comes to experience, they have time to learn.
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