An Update on Jameson Williams

On the 2022 NFL Draft Day, Lions fans were gearing up for yet another disappointing few picks. Who were the Lions gonna grab at the 2nd Overall Pick? Would we take the next Roy Williams, or would grab some good selections behind the mind of Brad Holmes? Well I, for one, can tell you just how excited I was when the Jags passed on Aidan Hutchinson, and then the Lions snatched him up at Number 2. It was an amazing feeling, but it was one that was quickly rivaled by the Lions making an aggressive move and trading up to Number 12 (with our rival Vikings no less). Then we took the best Wide Receiver on my draft board, Jameson “Jamo” Williams. Williams was coming off an ACL Tear, and is still in recovery making this pick a one more for the future of the franchise. The Lions have already severely outperformed offensive expectations, so when Jameson Williams comes back, it could change the direction the Lions are heading this season. But, when will that be?

Many have speculated that Williams would be coming back around the halfway point of the season, with most agreeing that it would definitely be after the Lions’ bye in Week 6. Now that the bye has passed, Lions fans and the front office alike are raring for him to come back. Dan Campbell recently said that he is “optimistic” that Jamo will play this year. Noting that, while injuries have been a problem for the Lions, he isn’t going to push Jameson back into the roster to cover that up. Detroit is playing it smart in the way they are gameplanning Williams’ return, allowing for a full recovery from one of football’s most devastating injuries. The Alabama Wide Receiver has recently posted videos through Twitter of him looking explosive through his breaks and showing off that illustrious speed that many teams coveted. What does all this mean though? The Detroit front office will likely hold Jameson Williams out for another couple weeks, however don’t write him coming back as soon as weeks 9 or 10. I picture Jameson coming back during either of those division games (Packers and Bears) to be a great story and one to watch. If not, he will definitely be back by Thanksgiving against the Buffalo Bills.
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