An Underrated Offseason Need for the Green and Gold

The 2022 Green Bay Packers saw a resurgence on special teams due to the hiring of Rich Bisaccia. From the return game, to punting and even to the actual kicking game. Especially the kicking game. Let’s take a look at Mason Crosby the last few years and how the 2023 Green Bay Packers may very well have a need at kicker.

The last two years are the only two that should matter when discussing kicker Mason Crosby as looking at this sample size would indicate that Crosby is beginning to regress and the team should move on before it’s too late. Starting off in 2021 Crosby had the worst year of his entire career. He made 25/34 field goal attempts for a 73.5% conversion rate. He also missed 2 extra points. His touchback rate on kickoffs also dropped to 45.7%. Following this abysmal season the Packers decided to commit for one more year to Crosby. He repaid this faith with a bounce back in the kicking game. In 2022 he made 25/29 field goals for a 86.2% conversion rate. Also yet again he missed 2 extra points all year. His kickoff rate though plummeted to a gross 20.3%! By the end of the season the team had to activate its backup kicker just to perform kickoffs. This is a major problem because no team should have to waste two roster spots on kickers. This is why I believe the team needs to move on from Mason Crosby.

Now as for his replacement as the kicker of the Green Bay Packers there are a few options. On the more expensive side of possible replacements is Matt Gay of the LA Rams and Greg Zuerlein of the Jets. Zuerlein would be more of a band aid at the position, giving the team a one or two year rental. Matt Gay on the other hand would secure a larger, longer deal due to the fact he’s 28 years old and coming off a stellar season for the Rams. According to , a draft site, there are two quality kickers in this draft. Jake Moody out of Michigan and Will Reichard out of Alabama. Look for the Packers to draft a kicker rather than pay one if they don’t retain Crosby for yet another season.

The 2023 Packers have a hole at kicker, even if they retain Mason Crosby. As such they need to look at the draft and free agency market and find a kicker for the team’s future. As evidenced time and time again in the NFL a good kicker is critical to a functional team, both for the kickoff duty and the actual field goal game.
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