Allen Lazard: A Fantasy Football Disaster

If you’ve been following me on @NFCNorthReport, then you should know I am a revered hater of Green Bay Packers Wide Receiver Allen Lazard. For all of you crazed Packers fans excited from Lazard’s singular good game against the Cleveland Browns, I am here to save you from ending up last in your league by convincing you not to draft Lazard in your fantasy league. 

What many have seemingly failed to understand is that Lazard is a blocking receiver. Yes, Lazard is the only receiver on the Packers roster that has any chemistry with Quarterback Aaron Rodgers, however this does not change the fact that when Lazard is on the field his primary role is to block, evidenced by the fact that he ran a route only 52 percent of the time he was on the field in 2021.

Lazard will continue to embrace this blocking role in 2022 where Green Bay’s identity will surly be run-first. With the departure of Davante Adams and Marquez Valdes-Scantling, the two best skill position players for the Packers both reside in the backfield. Running backs Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon will lead the way for the Packers in 2022, as the Packers have arguably the worst receiving core in the NFL. Not only does a run first identity hurt any wide receiver in fantasy football, for Lazard, it suggests he will keep his role as strictly a blocking receiver.  

Aside from stats and team identity, I simply do not believe in Lazard as a talent. Lazard is not fast (ran a 4.5 40-years dash) and as a result struggles to create separation from cornerbacks. Lazard poses little to no threat after the catch, and has “no juice” in his route running abilities. While he excels at possession catching, this skill is rendered nearly useless in fantasy football. 

A good PPR Wide Receiver is able to excel after the catch and rack up targets/catches. Allen Lazard does not fit this mold, and as a result should not be drafted at his current eighth round ADP. Instead, take a chance on second round pick Christian Watson five rounds later, or hell, draft Sammy Watkins and pray.