All The Takeaways From The Aaron Rodgers Segment of the Pat McAfee Show

It has become abundantly clear that Aaron Rodgers will be heading to New York, and his career as a Green Bay Packer is coming to an end. As he texted Pat McAfee ahead of his daily live show, “it is time to let the world know what is going on,” and Rodgers did just that. After stating that no decision had been made on the live segment, Rodgers made it very clear what his intentions are: to continue playing for the New York Jets. After a successful meeting with part of the Jets’ staff, including Woody Johnson, Robert Saleh, and Nathaniel Hackett, things began to look up for New York. It seems inevitable that, in the coming weeks, the Packers and Jets will finalize a deal that appears to have been in the works for quite some time. In an hour-long conversation with McAfee, Rodgers had a lot to say, and there were many key points to note for those interested in what Rodgers is feeling and the direction he, the Jets, and the Packers are moving forward in. Here are all the takeaways from the most recent Aaron Rodgers segment of the Pat McAfee Show.

Aaron Rodgers is not Delaying the Trade
Many people believed that the reason the Packers and Jets had not already struck a deal involving Aaron Rodgers was that Rodgers had not permitted Green Bay to complete a trade. This was because Rodgers himself was uncertain about his future in the NFL. However, this report turned out to be untrue, according to Rodgers himself. Rodgers acknowledged that the trade has been taking some time but said he is not holding anything up, and the primary issue regarding the trade is the compensation being worked out. There is currently a power struggle between the Packers and Jets, with neither team being able to realize who has the leverage. Looking at things from the Jets’ side, if the Packers do not trade Aaron Rodgers, he will likely be forced into retirement, which he would be okay with. In this situation, the Packers still lose Rodgers but do not get any compensation in return and still have to eat just as much dead cap room. If you look from the Packers’ side, however, it seems as if they have significant advantages over the Jets. There is no plan B at quarterback for the 2023 season, as returning to former starter Zach Wilson is a recipe for disaster. After expressing how deeply they genuinely want Aaron Rodgers, they have shown the Packers their cards, giving Green Bay the upper hand. The Packers’ cap hit of around $50 million on Rodgers does not change between a trade or retirement until September 1, so Green Bay has all the time in the world to deal the star quarterback, while the Jets cannot wait that long. As reported by Tom Pelissero, the Packers will drag this out as long as it takes to get the compensation they deserve for the four-time MVP, and they will not be low-balled by New York. As both sides remain stubborn amid the constant negotiations, many have speculated a deal could never be reached, and the Aaron Rodgers saga could end in a stalemate between the two teams. Although this does seem possible, it looks much more probable that a trade is still far more likely than not, as the Packers are ready to move on, and the Jets need someone not named Zach Wilson to be throwing the football in 2023.

The Packers are Confident in Jordan Love
After three years as a backup, watching, learning, and soaking up any information he could from Aaron Rodgers, Jordan Love is ready to play some football. There is no better way to learn how to be a quarterback on the big stage than by watching one of the best to ever do it. Fortunately for Love, he was given that opportunity. After the Packers traded up in the 2020 NFL Draft to select Jordan Love with the 26th overall pick, it was known that he could be a project player, someone who had to sit and learn from a guy like Rodgers to put all his physical tools to use. Phase one is now complete, and the Packers are committed to moving forward with Love as their starting quarterback. At this time last year, the Packers would have never shown any interest in trading Rodgers because of a lack of preparedness from Love himself, but clearly, Love has had a spectacular year. After a shaky start against the Chiefs in 2021, Love bounced back in 2022 with what he showed Packer fans against the Super Bowl finalist Philadelphia Eagles on the road. Throwing for 113 yards, including a touchdown to Christian Watson, and completing 66% of his passes was a surprise to many, as Jordan Love appeared to have unlocked his talent and shown his capabilities to be a starting quarterback. Whatever Love has shown the Packers’ organization this past year was enough reason for them to brush Aaron Rodgers aside naturally. Green Bay feels that Jordan Love’s time to shine has to start now, and presumably means that as Jordan Love steps in, Aaron Rodgers steps down. Rodgers praised Love numerous times on McAfee’s show, saying, “Jordan (Love) is going to be a great player. He’s a great kid, they got a good young team.” This shows Rodgers’ confidence in his former student and signals that he will not be a member of the Packers for much longer with his use of the word “they” instead of “we” when referring to the Packers. The Packers and Aaron Rodgers are both ready to move on, and all of Green Bay has Jordan Love’s back as he steps in for the new era of Packer football.

Aaron Rodgers Will Always Bleed Green and Gold
Aaron Rodgers is undoubtedly the greatest Green Bay Packer of all time, and his legacy in the city is unmatched. He was drafted in 2005 and is the longest-tenured Packer ever, having played 18 seasons with the team. When asked about his time with the Packers, Rodgers responded positively, saying, “nobody has bled green and gold like me. I mean, I love that city, I love those fans, I love that region, and I’ve never been a free agent. I’ve never even gotten there. Yeah, the team has done it, but I’ve never said, ‘You know what, let me test free agency here. I kind of want to get out of here. This weather, whatever it might be, I need a new (place).’ No, it was never any of that. Never that. I loved Green Bay. I do love Green Bay. I mean, I love the people.” The cold never bothered Aaron Rodgers, who seemed to thrive more than anyone else. There is no question that Rodgers will be inducted into the historic Packers Hall of Fame and the NFL Hall of Fame as a first-ballot player. After many hail marys, impossible plays, and magical moments spread out over 18 years of greatness, Aaron Rodgers has likely played his last down in a Green Bay Packer uniform. However, it is important to realize that Green Bay will always be his home. With the history he has made in a city of just over 100,000 people, the most incredible venue in sports he operated for his whole career, and the winning culture he instilled into the heart of Green Bay, Aaron Rodgers is genuinely a Packer for life.

As both sides have grown apart, let us not forget what a wild ride this era of Packer football has been. Aaron Rodgers has faced adversity through all the ups and downs, leading this team for decades. He led the team to a Super Bowl victory on February 6, 2011, the ultimate accomplishment in football. With 59,055 passing yards, 475 touchdowns, four MVP awards, a 103.8 career passer rating, and a Super Bowl Championship, Aaron Rodgers will always be a fan favorite and the greatest Packer of all time. All Packer fans are eternally grateful for all Rodgers has done for the Packers and the city of Green Bay. If the Green Bay Packers cannot hoist the Lombardi Trophy at the end of the 2023 season, there is no one we would rather see holding that trophy high and proud than the bad man himself.
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