Aaron Rodgers and the Packers Offense Going at the Packers Defense Early During First Week of Camp

Green Bay Packers training camp has been open now for a week. Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, has stated multiple times this offseason and the first couple of days of camp that the offense is going to take their lumps against this Packers defense. While that is true the offense has come out firing early to start camp. Rodgers in his interview after the first day of practice admitted that he thought the offense would get its “butt kicked” against this Packers defense most days of training camp. 

  After a good first practice though Rodgers let the defense hear it as Rodgers stated, “I told those chumps, 1-0 offense”. Going through the rest of the week the defense amped up but the offense was still doing well. Football is not really football until the pads are put on though. 

  As the Packers put on the shoulder pads for the first time this week there were questions about the Packers offense, especially the receivers, and if they could keep up the good play in practice. That was not the case the first day in shoulder pads as there were mental errors and a lot of drops happening. The Packers went one day in shoulder pads then went straight into full pads. 

  One on Ones happened, and the receivers cooked the defensive backs but let’s make it known that Green Bay Packers superstar cornerback Jaire Alexander did not participate in one on ones but according to the reporters in Green Bay Alexander’s absence was not injury related. 

  Team drills happened and it seemed to be very even between the defense and the offense although if it was full go that may not have been the case as the defense was flying around especially putting pressure on the quarterbacks. The battle of the offense and defense is ongoing and Packers fans should be excited as this offense is going toe to toe with one of the best defenses the league has to offer. They may not dominate the defense in camp or even go toe to toe with them everyday but all that matters is that they see improvement and not lay eggs every practice. 

  A big reason the offense is having success early is due to a very unlikely name in Green Bay Packers rookie receiver Romeo Doubs. Doubs has been making his presence felt at practice as he is making play after play, and everyone is taking notice. Green Bay Packers head coach Matt LaFleur said that Doubs is coming in early everyday and establishing a routine which is very hard for rookies to do. If rookies can establish a routine early the better off they are to contribute and develop at a faster rate according to LaFleur. LaFleur is also very pleased with how Doubs has been doing in practice but wants to see him stack days and be consistent especially with pads on. Rodgers talked on “Back Together Saturday” after practice on NFL Network and talked about how well of a start that Doubs has gotten off to in camp and how Doubs is getting a lot of attention early. 

  Rodgers went on to say that it’s surprising how many teams passed on Doubs but whatever that reason may be everyone within the Packers organization feels really good about the start Doubs has had. Green Bay Packers rising star Eric Stokes went on to talk about how Doubs is a “quiet assassin” and goes on to say that Doubs just goes about his business by making the catches, making plays, doing some chest bumps with teammates, but does not talk and just keeps it moving. Doubs was asked about his fast start and celebrating, and Doubs went on to say that celebrating is important but at the same time he just wants to focus on the next play because he can have one good play and the next be bad. 

  It’s very clear the Doubs is very humble and a hard worker. To put in perspective, Green Bay Packers rookie receiver Christian Watson has not even practiced yet due to a minor knee surgery. Watson should be back in a couple weeks but in the meantime Doubs is taking advantage of the opportunity in front of him. All the Packers needed to do was hit on one of their rookies’ receivers selected. Although it is early they might have already hit one of them in Doubs. 

It will be interesting to see if Doubs and company will continue to do well against the defense and when the New Orleans Saints join the Packers for joint practices. Stay tuned!