A Wide Receiver the Bears Could Trade For That is Going Unnoticed

Despite multiple changes to coaching this off-season, the Bears offense is still one of the worst in the league-as many expected. The Bears have a total of only 471 receiving yards in the first four games played. For comparison, Dolphins superstar receiver, Tyreek Hill has 477 receiving yards alone. The Bears also are at the bottom of points per game, averaging 16 points a game just above the Indianapolis Colts’ 14.3 points per game. When it comes to pointing fingers, many blame second-year quarterback Justin Fields. Justin Fields may be having a rocky start to his sophomore season with only two touchdowns and four interceptions, but the blame should not rest on him. Statistics show that Justin Fields has the least amount of time to throw the football and the least separation for his receivers.

Undeniably, Justin Fields needs more help from his receivers. Darnell Mooney has proven that he can make plays, but I don’t see him as a true first option. N’Keal Harry is also set to make his return soon, but he hasn’t played in two months and isn’t fully healthy yet. It’s been rumored for a while now that the Bears will be negotiating for wide receivers during the trade deadline. I believe so too. Big names such as Kenny Golladay and DJ Moore are being thrown around as possible targets for the Chicago Bears. However, I think there is a young receiver flying beneath everyone’s radar: Terrace Marshall Jr.

Marshall was drafted to the Carolina Panthers 59th overall in the 2021 draft. Marshall played at LSU alongside Ja’Marr Chase and Justin Jefferson where he won a national championship. Even with top-notch receivers in Ja’Marr Chase and Justin Jefferson running routes, Marshall still racked in 106 receptions, 1594 yards, and 23 touchdowns in his three seasons at LSU. Just like Justin Fields, Marshall has a tough time rendering his play to the NFL. During his rookie campaign, Marshall recorded 138 yards in 13 games. In spite of that, Marshall’s second season has been riddled with injuries, bridle relations with the Panthers’ lackluster coaching, and quarterback changes. The cost for Marshall is suspected to be worth around a third or fourth-round pick. With Marshall being so young and cheap while having three years remaining on his contract would be a great acquisition for the Bears. Marshall Jr. isn’t a superstar, but the six foot two, 201-pound receiver could strengthen the Bears receiving corps by a smidge. I think if the Bears want to get themselves a new primary target for Justin Fields they will do so through the draft or free agency. Having Marshall Jr. for the second half of the season could show Bears fans Fields’ ability to succeed when surrounded by playmakers.
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