A Lions Guide to Navigating Social Media

I began writing an article during halftime of the Lions/Dolphins game discussing could the Lions make the playoffs after a 1-5 start. After blowing the lead and losing in a typical Lions fashion, this pipedream becomes increasingly more crazy. In fact, the last time a 1-5 team made the playoffs was the Indianapolis Colts in 2018, and was only the 3rd team since the merger to do so. After going 1-5 in 2018, the Colts won ten out of their last eleven games of the season. At halftime I could see the Detroit Lions following a similar script. I guess the NFL scriptwriters hate the Lions, yet again.

The fans of this franchise deserve better, but all we got is each other. If you are an avid user of Instagram, here are my 3 favorite Lions social media accounts.
1. @detroitlionsfanpage
I have been following this page for several years and it’s the clear choice for the number one spot. The page updates its followers about everything Lions including news, trending topics, game scores, and updates. The social media account also provides the inactives of the week and the injury report when available, which not only provides good fantasy football information, but also a good indication of how painful the upcoming loss will be.

The best part of this account is that @detroitlionsfanpage sprinkles their own personality and frustration of the team through their posts sometimes. This is great so you know you’re not the only person upset on Sunday on a weekly basis.

2. @lionsmemes
Laughing off a loss is certainly a fun way to handle losing every week. When the Lions win in a rare fashion, the memes still poke fun at the losing culture in Detroit. However after saying this, the account manager is an obvious fan of the Lions, and doesn’t laugh at the Lions, but rather with the fanbase trying to spread some joy.

Recently, the account has been posting memes on a weekly basis normally right after the game. The amount of memes varies after the game but normally tends to be a moderate amount, and the perfect way to make you feel better in time for Sunday dinner.

3. @_lionsnation_
This account follows the same format as @detroitlionsfanpage, giving you information about everything Lions related. Established in 2014, the manager of the account has been someone who has been pining for a playoff win. This is seen through his posts, and in a similar fashion to @detroitlionsfanpage, gives you assurance that you are not the only person depressed on a Sunday.

Fun fact: @detroitlionsfanpage and @_lionsnation_ host a podcast with @mrhart_ called the @pridepodcast which discusses every Lions related thing on a weekly basis.
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Thomas Weir
Thomas Weir
11 months ago

Extremely valid list

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